Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy

Born in Karnataka, India
Living in Birmingham, United Kingdom


the void between us our child
Under the Basho 2014
still birth —
the moon spills out
of my pail
Blithe Spirit 25.4, 2015
turmeric sky —
the air fragrant
with cow dung
Blithe Spirit 25.4
[Refers to the tradition in South India of sprinkling the ground in front of homes with water mixed with cow dung (cowpat). This is fine particularly on religious festival days. It is considered auspicious, and also helps keep insects out and dust levels low. Turmeric, is also associated with auspiciousness]
the sounds
of distant hooves –
Raga Pharas
Blithe Spirit 25.3
sunny yard –
the champak tree
now a stump
Blithe Spirit 25.3
roosting munias  — 
ants crawling all over
a dead lizard
Blithe Spirit 25.3
coconut oil ...
the lingering aroma
of amma's love
Blithe Spirit 25.3
the rustle
of a newspaper –
his anger
Blithe spirit 25.1
delayed monsoon ...
life sputters at the end
of a tap

BHS Anthology (Edge) 2015
old temple ...
the deity wrapped
in spider silk
The Heron’s Nest, December 2015
one by one
the fog releases
The Heron’s Nest  March 2015
her smile rearranges
the skyline 
 Brass Bell  (October2015)
seaweed soup
      sinking deeper 
into the blue
A Hundred Gourds (March 2015)
monsoon rain
the monotony
of poverty
A Hundred Gourds (March 2015)
last pine cones ...
blue tits peck away
the summer
Cattails (September 2015)
flash floods ...
she carries her world
in a basket 
Cattails (September 2015)
wind-torn fence
this widening gap
'tween neighbours
Cattails (May 2015) 
the roughness
of a cow's tongue–
dew showers
Cattails (Jan 2015) and Runner Up in the Snapshot Haiku Calendar Contest 2015
late night row
in the fruit salad
that one pip
Cattails (Jan 2015)
screw pine bloom —
my skirt too short
for his mom
Frogpond 38:3
the bitter sweetness
of pregnancy
Frogpond 38:1
sudden showers...
the bedraggled peacocks
in her saree
Presence #53
tattered quilt
in the winter chill
an old warmth
Wild Plum 1:2 and Behind the Tree Line (1st Wild Plum Anthology)
within each fold
a memory
Wild Plum 1:2
broken nose ...
an urchin counts his coins
by the streetlight
Modern Haiku 46.3 
light drizzle –
the Tanjore doll
Modern haiku 46.1
lightening sky
cutting through the mist
an oarsplash 
Frameless sky (Issue 2- 2015)
her smile again that bee in the frangipani
Frameless Sky (Issue 2- 2015) 
the soft warmth 
of my child's breath — 
World Haiku Review (June 2015) 
bombing site 
the cherry blossoms 
World Haiku Review (January 2015)
artificial turf – 
i place a wriggling earthworm 
amongst fallen leaves 
World Haiku Review (January 2015)
music class –
hail stones drumming
on the roof 
Shamrock (Jan 2015)
soft drizzle...
the car park full
of pink petals

Mainichi Shimbun (28 July 2015)
status quo...
we are still talking
through Post-its
Prune Juice (October 2015)
the comforting aroma
of your jacket 
Asahi Shimbun (20 November 2015)
harvest moon---
the scarecrow watches over
barren fields
Honourable mention in the 2015 Annual Autumn Moon Haiku Contest sponsored by the Bangor Haiku Group
silence at her end...
the cord around my finger
coiling uncoiling
Blithe Spirit 25.4
paper boats
...i fold away
my years
Blithe Spirit 25.4
pencil shavings —
i relive my childhood
scar by scar
Blithe Spirit 25.4

one more butterfly
flits away
Under the Basho, 2014
all the shades of green
around her
Under the Basho, 2014
spring fever
a cuckoo cooing
my heart out
World Haiku Review, April 2014
spring evening
the slate of rooftops
shades the sky
World Haiku Review, April 2014
the kiss of first love-
cherry blossoms
Asahi Haikuist Network, April 04, 2014
scorching day
my dad pours water
for the ants
Under the Basho 2014 
arctic tern
flying overseas
for a job
Gems Anthology, The Bamboo Hut Press, 2014
wringing day
bundles of washed clothes
let off steam
Asahi Haikuist Network, 2 May 2014 
monsoon walk
the smell of a millipede
Gems Anthology, The Bamboo Hut Press, 2014
sand dunes-
the kids catch raindrops
on their tongues
European Kukai #6 Summer 2014, 4th Place
deep winter
the waterfall
doesn't fall
Presence, Issue #50, 2014
frosty night
i tuck a duvet
around her grave
Paper Wasp, June 2014
a frosty wind blows
my breath away
Honorable mention in the Diogen Pro Winter Haiku 2013 Contest
midday sun-
even the shadows 
in hiding
Cattails, May 2014
darkness creeps up
twig by twig
ಕಡ್ಡಿ ಕಡ್ಡಿಗೆ
ಬೆಳೆವ ತಮ
kaḍḍi kaḍḍige
beḷeva tama
Cattails, May 2014
London train-
the sun skitters
off a colt
Cattails, September 2014
long shadows
the rustle of leaves
behind me
ಎಲೆಯ ಸರಸರ
niḍu neḷalu
eleya sarasara
Ardea, Issue #4, 2014
dusting of dew – 
a road-sweeper scrapes
the night away
Blithe Spirit, Issue 24.3, August 2014 
our dream hut
the thatched roof leaks
Shiki Kukai, July 2014, 3rd place
sacred chank-
a prayer echoes
off the walls
Editor’s Choice, Cattails, May 2014
her voice grows
fainter down the trail-
monsoon rain
Cattails, September 2014
summer breeze
fragrance of jasmine
in my tea
ಮಲ್ಲಿಗೆಯ ಗಮ
malligeya gama
Ardea, Issue #4, 2014
cuckoo song
tasting the fragrance
of mangoes
ಕಂಪ ಸವಿಯುವೆ
Ardea, Issue #4, 2014
crossing my eyes
and dotting my tea
Frogpond Issue 37:2, June 2014
the mousetrap
yet again the shrew
plays Houdini
Creatrix, Issue #25, June 2014
a trapped bumble bee
thumping against the window
a roomful of hands
Haiku Journal, Issue #28, 2014
crows gather
together we lunch
in silence
Brass Bell, May 2014
a sunflower droops
under it's weight
Brass Bell, June 2014
the grass overrun
by sheep
A Hundred Gourds, Issue 3.4, 2014
misty night
all her signals
Creatrix, Issue #25, June 2014
Haiku in English...
i turn every page gasping
at all the blank space
Blithe Spirit, Issue 24.3, August 2014
sizzling pan
amma and i share
our old joke
Under the Basho 2014
bubbling soup
the dishes saying
what she doesn't 
Under the Basho 2014
burns unit-
another cocoon 
Gems Anthology, The Bamboo Hut Press, 2014
son's concert
the applause echoes
my heartbeat
Gems Anthology, The Bamboo Hut Press, 2014
high window-
he swings himself up
with a grunt
Gems Anthology, The Bamboo Hut Press, 2014
class reunion-
old buddies share
diet coke
Cattails, May 2014
the void
after the breakup
tea fills it
Cattails, May 2014
tropical cyclone—
the Palar river widens
the onlookers’ eyes
Blithe Spirit, Issue 24.3, August 2014
morning dew
on the farmer's brow
beads of sweat
Indian Kukai #8, 5th place
gust of wind
i wrap my hands round
the oil lamp
Creatrix, Issue #25, June 2014
the green all at once the rooks
Under the Basho 2014
joss sticks letting the ghosts go one by one
Under the Basho 2014
departing the tightness in that hug
Under the Basho 2014