Mike Andrelczyk

Born 1982 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Living in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, USA
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​the old fisherman 
​ fixes his line

Acorn – Issue No. 2


starfish in the mathematical Bahamas

Roadrunner 13.2


   little fishes swim 
between the printing presses
   under the river

A New Resonance 8 (Red Moon Press)


echolocation the purple sounds crossing the bridge

Road Runner Feb. 2009


the boxfish doesn’t know
the wind machine
the celesta



the ocean white pills

Road Runner Nov. 2009


a jellyfish 
  moving closer 
      to the moon

Hedgerow 27


evaporating into night a question made of water

A New Resonance 8 (Red Moon Press)


        ticking second hand 
the misty rain is almost

​Frogpond 36:3


​cosmos of paraphernalia dissolving

​Roadrunner 12.3 2012



the slow burning


A Hundred Gourds 4.1


​stepping into whitespace rain

Hedgerow 25


monophonic ghost frozen river



 ice ages and motel mini fridges
 tumbling over the 
endless mountains

Hedgerow 24


​          in the fridge 
a lone bottle of white milk​
the potato and light

Modern Haiku 46:1​​​


 the yellow rain
slowly turning 
 into lizard bones

Modern Haiku 45:2


​​       cows tussling 
​at the watering trough
       ​​jazz, texas

A Hundred Gourds 4.1


   the mint leaves 
have dried, the ghost
 who wrote this

Road Runner 12.2 2012


walking with the hyacinth green city

Road Runner Feb. 2009


the water drops from the
   flower petals

Lilliput Review


​Laughter – 
​the axe blade shines. 
​with rain

​Road Runner IX.2 May 2009


 Lightning –
at this moment 
I have no age

Simply Haiku Autumn v.7 #3


​​         Gautamala   n   tre-
​es   that’s what the torn pap-
​er   read by dawn

Simply Haiku Autumn v.7 #3


the soldiers melt
 as snow touching 
the warm mud

A New Resonance 8 (Red Moon Press)


​​​​​​            the codes 
of frozen branches
blackbirds in them

Road Runner 11.1 2011​


the moths





Modern Haiku 45:2


​​​as what she whispered 
​​​as the snow melted

Road Runner 12.1 2012​


stars shimmer 
 in them

Frogpond Vol. 32.1 2009


​  the avalanche
​the seafoam and the bears
    ​all made of mist

A Hundred Gourds 4.3


        Fire –
the shaman brushes the 
lions from ashes

Simply Haiku Autumn v.7 #3


​           skyloom twilight
the day’s threads of color
​           come undone

Frogpond Fall 2009​


​ kissing - 
​the seagull’s wingtip
​brushes the wavecrest

​Frogpond Vol. 32.1 2009


setting sun 
the old man catching fish
   and letting them go

The Heron’s Nest, March 2009


        if I could

​​​​ only have one

​​​​​​                 with
​​​​​​                   you

Modern Haiku 44:3