David G. Lanoue

Born in Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Living in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


pizza parlor
after the murders
help wanted

Cordite Poetry Review 29.1 (2009)


a “Lost Dog” sign
nailed deep
into the oak

Frogpond 27.2 (2004)


one star
over the airport
another Beatle has died

Frogpond 31.1 (2008)


joining the orgy
on the computer screen
a moth

Bottle Rockets 33 (2015)


the sunset down

Bottle Rockets 19 (2008)


girls in halter tops--
chewing my ice
with a vengeance

Modern Haiku 39.1 (Winter-Spring 2008)


dark world
a storm brewing

Modern Haiku 22.3 (Fall 1991)


another place
I’ve sinned
boarded-up hotel

Frogpond 36.2 (2013)


she’s naked in the hallway
I put on
my glasses

Frogpond 31.1 (2008)


the old priest dines
his wine
just wine

Modern Haiku 30.1 (Winter-Spring 1999)