Paul Chambers

Born 1986 in Newport, Wales
Living in Newport, Wales
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quieter now
than before it came
first snow

Frogpond (Issue #36.1)

summer dusk
girls chalk their shadows
on the new tar

Bottle Rockets (Issue #29, August 2013)

winter moon
downstream a duck breaks
from the water

Heron’s Nest (Issue #15.4, December 2013)

winter crow
an eyelash
on your pillow

Modern Haiku (Issue #45.1, Spring 2014)

a gull drifts
beyond the hill
summer deepens

Blithe Spirit (Issue #24.2, May 2014)

burnt autumn sky
the fold
of a shot deer

Blithe Spirit (Issue #24.2, May 2014)

fierce autumn wind
the spider holds the crane fly

Modern Haiku (Issue #45.3, October 2014)

rusted rail track
fading slowly
early snow

Acorn (Issue #33, Fall 2014)

through the eye
of the hare’s skull
yellow grass

Presence (Issue #51 November, 2014)

first dusk stars
a gull’s wing tips
holding light

Presence (Issue #51 November, 2014)

each leaf
the sparrow brushes

Blithe Spirit (Issue #24.4)

a wasp caught
in the net curtain
distant thunder

Shamrock (Issue #29, September 2014)

sharing the bath
the rippling
of a dead star

Bottlerockets (Issue #33, August 2015)

winter fields
the caw of a crow
breaks in the mist

Asahi Shimbun (12 December 2014)

overnight train
a handprint smears
the moon

Mayfly (Issue #58, Spring 2015)

heat shimmer
the first blooming
railroad flowers

Asahi Shimbun (February 20 2015)

falling star
silence follows

Blithe Spirit (Issue #25.2, May 2015)

early sun
the mist pulls away
from the river

Modern Haiku (Issue #46.2)

evening breeze
the sun clutching
thistle blooms

A Hundred Gourds (Issue #4.3 June 2015)

autumn dusk
a cormorant sets down
on its shadow

Presence (Issue #52 Summer 2015)

drizzling rain
my reflection
in the hearse

Heron’s Nest (Issue #27.2 June 2015)

moorland path
the sun mining
foxglove scent

Heron’s Nest (Issue #27.2 June 2015)

a strand of her hair
clings to the soap
midwinter cold

Cattails (May 2015 Edition)

pylon hum
the twitch of fibres
in a horse’s shoulder

Blithe Spirit  (Issue #25.3, Autumn 2015)

cicada plainsong
the sun lingers in
the olive field

World Haiku Review (June 2015 Edition)

fleeting wind –
the branch reaches after
the sparrow

A Hundred Gourds (Issue #4.4 September 2015)

mists caught
in the nettle thicket
the cry of a lamb

Acorn (Issue #36, September 2015)

lilt of fishing boats
this quiet night
of quiet stars

Asahi Shimbun (September 4 2015)

a dead hare
in the hunter’s grip
autumn darkens

Mainichi (October 17 2015)


christmas morning
a sparrow breaks the crumbs
from the broken bread

Presence (#48 Spring 2013)