Mike Gallagher

gentle June breeze
maple leaves

(Shamrock Haiku Journal Issue 11, 2009)



sudden shower
the bog stitched with
silver lame

(Shamrock Haiku Journal No 5, 2008)



reflections quiver
in the pool
willow branches


icy path –
hesitant hops
of a thrush

Shamrock Haiku Journal No. 31, 2015



in the grave
a memory
no more

thrush thrums snail's shell din-dins

(World Haiku Review, Volume 7, Issue 2, August 2009)



his first month
a learning curve
steep for all


fingers meet
the sense of touch


born early
like his dad


for him
shaking leaves
are still shadows

(Diogen 2012)



November breeze
a leaf
steps on my toe

(NeverEnding Story; First English-Chinese Bilingual Haiku and Tanka Blog, 2013)



I mocked Death;
He winked back.
I blinked first

(WHR Aug 09)



butterfly dances
among the wallflowers
changing partners


November walk
above the storm's din
discordant crows


beneath the bridge
water churns
milk white

(Muse India June 2011)

through the snow
my footprints come
to meet me

(Frogpond, 33/2, Spring 2010)