Laryalee (Lary) Fraser

August 22, 1940 – October 16, 2013

Laryalee was the pen name Lee Fraser chose when she entered the world of poetry. However, most of us in the writing circles knew her best as Lary.

She was born on Vancouver Island in Canada’s westernmost province, British Columbia.  However, she spent most of her life living in small BC interior towns.  Her employment as a reporter, editor, and photographer for various newspapers helped her to hone skills which she would put to good use as a haiku poet and haiga artist for the last ten years of her life.   

In 2000, Lary turned to writing – something she’d enjoyed since childhood. She wrote a lot of rhyming poetry, before turning to other forms and styles, many of which appear on various internet sites. In 2002, she started composing haiku. It was here she found her niche. Although Lary also wrote haibun and tanka, she is probably best known through her haiku and haiga.

Lary was a member of several on-line work shopping forums including WHC Multimedia, Haiku Hut, and AHA. She was a well-respected and much-loved moderator on the AHA Haiku and Haiga Forums, where her generosity and self-effacing nature were felt by all. Many remember her as a mentor and friend, and owe her a great deal of gratitude for her time, compassion, and constant encouragement and support.

Lary’s haiku, tanka, and haiga have appeared in Ambrosia, Asahi Haikuist Network, Atlas Poetica, Chrysanthemum, Clouds Peak, f/k/a, Frogpond, Haiga Online, Haiku Harvest, Hermitage 3, Magnapoets, Mainichi Daily News, Notes from the Gean, Roadrunner, Shamrock, Shiki Internet Kukai, Short Stuff, Simply Haiku, Sketchbook, The Heron’s Nest, Tinywords, Wisteria, World Haiku Review and, posthumously, in A Hundred Gourds and Cattails.

A selection of her work is available on three of her own websites:

a leaf rustles 

Lary's poetry and art 

Rustles: Lary's blog 

She was also very proud of the anthology she compiled with haiku by some of her friends

a procession of ripples  

Awards and Other Honors:

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Contest 1st place, 2010
Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Contest (HM or Sakura Awards), 2006 – 2009
Mainichi Daily News 2nd place in Annual Selection, 2005
Shiki Internet Kukai 1st place, August 2005 (free), November 2005 (free theme), April 2006 (free theme), July 2006 (kigo and free)
Shiki Internet Kukai 2nd place, July 2005 (kigo), December 2005 (kigo)
Shiki Internet Kukai 3rd place, February 2005 (free), April 2005 (kigo) February 2006
The Katikati’s Haiku Pathway in New Zealand 2007



inhale, exhale . . .
the push of a leaf bud
into sunlight 

Rustles Spring 2010 © L. Fraser


opening day
a yellow crocus
gathers sunlight

Previously unpublished


the wiggle
of a bee’s behind –
cherry blossom 

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Contest Sakura Award (HM)


late snowfall –
I search for yesterday’s
spring feeling 

Rustles Spring 2012 © L. Fraser


red mittens

her laughter ahead

of the snowball                      



The Heron’s Nest 9:2 June 2007


planting the beans …

this year it takes longer

to unbend myself



Ambrosia #4, 2009


election promises –

I turn my tray of seedlings

toward the sun        



Haiku News May 28/12


all those doors

I never opened …




Rustles Summer 2010 © L. Fraser


I ponder

the meaning of hope

dandelion summer   



Rustles Summer 2012 © L. Fraser


midday mosquito –

my elbow the only place

I didn’t spray 



A Hundred Gourds 3.1, December 2013


tug of her hand –

a heron one breath away

from the sky    



The Heron’s Nest 7:3, 2007


apple harvest –

weighing the future

of honeybees              



A Hundred Gourds 3.1, December 2013


cloud watch –

the inner weight

of grey    



Haiku News Sept 24/12


between the sky

and the spin of the earth

this falling leaf



Mainichi Daily News November 2006


frozen mud –

everything I want to say

has been said before



Rustles Winter 2009 © L. Fraser


autumn sunset

sometimes a dream

is only a dream


Rustles Autumn 2010 © L. Fraser


dusting off

an old memory

piano keys  




Rustles Winter 2010 © L. Fraser


box of keepsakes


reshapes the willow




Rustles Winter 2011/12 © L. Fraser


arctic chill –

I too, have caused

a flower’s death




Haiku News, Vol.2 No. 8 Feb.18, 2013


hospital sheets

the moment when now

changes shape   



Simply Haiku 5:1, 2007


snowdrops –

the simplicity

of white     



Simply Haiku (haibun) 7:2, 2009


first violets –

somewhere a river

keeps rising



Haiku News June 11/12


biopsy …

but just for today

cherry blossoms




Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Contest 1st place, 2010


so little time …

a hummingbird on the edge

of nightfall



Rustles Spring 2010 © L. Fraser


starry sky …

wondering if I want

the answers   



A Hundred Gourds 3.1, December 2013