John StevensonJohn Stevenson

Born 1948 in Ithaca, New York, USA
Living in Nassau, New York, USA
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old slippers
the comfort
coming apart

Modern Haiku - Volume XXVII:2, 1996


revising poems
a third cup of tea
from the same bag

Frogpond - Volume XXI:1,  1998


all those haiku
about the moon in the trees,
the moon in the trees

Geppo - July\August, 1996


border of sleep
        the sound of nearby breathing
            . . . mine

Raw Nervz - Volume II:4, 1996


nude beach
       his enormous
           sand castle

Brady Senryu Contest,  1996


a long look
at the winter stars . . .
someone else’s wife

Haiku Headlines - February,  1997


winter beach
a piece of driftwood
charred at one end

Frogpond - Volume XXI:3,  1998


the train picks up speed
in a paper coffee cup
concentric waves

Modern Haiku - Volume XXVIII:3,  1997


luxury car –
a sparrow’s
quiet thump

South by Southeast - Volume III:4,  1996


morning sun enters
          the sleeper’s

Frogpond - Volume XIX:2,  1996


tourist town
postcards of the waterfall
racked upside-down

Brady Senryu Contest, 1997


summer traffic
my shadow rides up
a stranger’s neck

Christian Science Monitor - July 16, 1997


he locks down
the roller coaster
toothless grin

HPNC Contest,  1996


goblins at the door
in the darkness behind them
a cigarette flares

Haiku Headlines Calendar, 1997


between my rush to be ready
         and her arrival –
                  a space

Modern Haiku - Volume XXIX:1,  1998


alone again
making an event
of a sandwich

Some of the Silence, 1999


Christmas Day
the exchange
of custody

Frogpond - Volume XIX:3,  1996


proud host
his orchard bursting
with fireflies

Albatross - Volumes 6&7:1,  1997


a deep gorge . . .
some of the silence
is me

Geppo - July\August, 1996


wind-beaten marquee
saying only
“Coming Soon”

Some of the Silence, 1999


done blooming
the peonies

South by Southeast - Volume III:3,  1996


spreading through the woods the Native Plant Society

Frogpond - Volume XXIV:3,  2001


a change in their voices . . .
children finding
a fledgling

The Heron's Nest - Volume 4:11,  2002


a deep bruise
I don’t remember getting
autumn night

The Heron's Nest - Volume 3:7,  2001


shooting star
what do fish
see at night?

The Heron's Nest - Volume 4:2,  2002


coming home
on the train
. . . the backyards

The Heron's Nest - Volume 4:12,  2002


first snow
what a racket
from the geese

Upstate Dim Sum - 2002/1, 2002


on top of everything

Frogpond - Volume XXIII:3,  2000


September morning
none of the students
has failed . . .

The Heron's Nest - Volume 5:9,  2003


winter sun
a stranger makes room
without looking

Frogpond - Volume XXIII:1,  2000


a crowded street
I’m the one
who steps in it

Modern Haiku - Volume XXXI:2,  2000


dad’s life
just a little longer
than Napoleon’s

Upstate Dim Sum - 2001/I,  2001


summer sunrise
a man on a ladder
changing the price of gas

Frogpond - Volume XXI:2,  1998


the mirror
wiped clean
for a guest

Frogpond - Volume XXI:2,  1998


the tethered dog
watches a guide dog
enter the deli

Upstate Dim Sum - 2001/I,  2001


snowy night
sometimes you can’t be
quiet enough

The Heron's Nest - Volume 5:2,  2003


curling tighter
a leaf
catches fire

Upstate Dim Sum - 2001/I,  2001


new snow
the arc
the door makes

HPNC Contest, 2003


winter rain
on the river

Upstate Dim Sum - 2003/1,  2003


wind shifting
pool toys . . .
to the other side

Geppo - September\October, 1999


seeing it her way
it must have been lonely
living with me

Upstate Dim Sum - 2001/II,  2001


one last look
through the old apartment
a dry sponge

The Heron's Nest - Volume 5:5,  2003


right now
while we chat
fish in the deep ocean

The Heron's Nest - Volume 4:9,  2002


thin winter coat
so little protection
against her boyfriend

Geppo - January\February, 2000


autumn wind
the leaves are going
where I’m going

The Heron's Nest - Volume 5:10,  2003


last piece
of a jigsaw puzzle . . .
filling in the sky

Starfish - Number 5,  2000


Father’s Day
she tells me
I’m not the father

Modern Haiku - Volume XXX:3,  1999


mountain ginko
all the haiku
a little breathless

The Heron's Nest - Volume 3:10,  2001


a bit of birdsong
before we
start our engines

Upstate Dim Sum - 2002/2,  2002


leaves budding
a little girl
spinning in her dress

Modern Haiku - Volume XXX:3, 1999


in the pollen
on my car
her signature

Upstate Dim Sum - 2001/II, 2001


a child’s art –
the tulips tower
over everything

Shiki Contest, 2000


the mime
in our mittens

Frogpond - Volume XXV:1, 2002


all new clothes
waiting for
the school bus

Starfish - Number 6,  2001


barks at me every day
but just lately
he sounds lonely

Modern Haiku - XXXIII:2, 2002


three times I’ve said
“your husband . . .”
now we can just talk

Modern Haiku - XXXIV:1,  2003



Frogpond - Volume XXV:2,  2002


winter twilight
tire tracks
in a trailer park

Upstate Dim Sum - 2002/1,  2002


trying to fit in
time for my son to practice
parallel parking

Upstate Dim Sum - 2001/I,  2001


warm evening
an open door
to someone’s living room

The Heron's Nest - Volume 4:8,  2002


extra innings
a runner’s shadow
down the third base line

Past Time: Baseball Haiku, 2000


fireflies . . .
could I still
catch one?

Frogpond - Volume XXIV:2,  2000


long night –
breathing until breathing
is just breathing

Upstate Dim Sum - 2005/1,  2005


almost spring
she tells the whole story
in a single breath

The Heron's Nest - September,  2006


a small favor
in zucchini

Upstate Dim Sum - 2003/1,  2003


top six-shooter
a curled leaf
in the chamber

Upstate Dim Sum - 2006/2,  2006


we’re here
we might as well build
a sand castle

Upstate Dim Sum - 2004/2,  2004


the sarcasm

Modern Haiku - XXXV:3,  2004


unable to find the middle of the night

Roadrunner - February, 2009


after midnight
getting some of my thoughts
into the lifeboats

Hermitage - Volume 3,  2006


city moon
of renters

Roadrunner - VI:2, 2006


one of your sighs
has stayed with me
forty years, so far

Hermitage - Volume 2, 2005


cold night
the dashboard lights
of another car

The Heron's Nest - March,  2006


nothing matters how green it gets

Roadrunner - VII:4,  2007


pretty sure my red is your red

Roadrunner - February,  2009


Colonel Mustard
in the library . . .
winter night

Modern Haiku - XXXVIII:2,  2007


low tide –
stones that have dried
among those that haven’t

The Heron's Nest - Volume 6:3, 2004


this Halloween
children born since

The Heron's Nest - September, 2007


the width of a leaf between us and autumn

Kasumakura Contest,  2008


the tide
arranging rocks and sand
just as I would

Upstate Dim Sum - 2007/2, 2007


my doctor
takes off his glasses . . .
cold for May

Upstate Dim Sum - 2005/2, 2005


jury room –
multiple errors
in a discarded crossword

Upstate Dim Sum - 2005/2, 2005


dinner for one
a view
of the ocean

Upstate Dim Sum - 2003/1, 2003


Oscar night
adjusting the cuffs
of my pajamas

Geppo - January\February, 2004


class reunion
everybody loved
my wife

The Heron's Nest - Volume 6:8,  2004


a big diamond . . .
just imagine
the pressure

Roadrunner - V:3,  2005


after a journey
of a thousand miles
tv with you

Modern Haiku - XXXV:1, 2004



Live Again, 2009


summer dawn
an arm raised
for deodorant

Tundra - Number 1,  1999


long day
a chameleon’s

Modern Haiku - Volume XXXII:3, 2001


so much
of what I do
involves my body

Raw Nervz - Volume VII:3, 2001


spring morning
the hand of a student who
may know the answer

The Heron's Nest - June,  2007


thought I was going somewhere March wind

Roadrunner - June, 2008


used bookstore
the creaking stairway
to poetry

Mariposa - May, 2009


liking the same music
we hope the rest
will be easy

Upstate Dim Sum - 2008/1, 2008


writers’ conference –
from a toilet stall I hear
someone quoting me

Modern Haiku - XXXIX:1, 2008


the interval
between park benches

Roadrunner - VI:I,  2006


groundhog day –
it doesn’t matter
what I see

Upstate Dim Sum - 2006/1,  2006


cold moon –
a moment of hesitation
years ago

The Heron's Nest - December, 2006


reversible jacket
the side
I always show

Geppo - November/December, 2006


demolition site
the colors
of closet walls

Upstate Dim Sum - 2006/1,  2006


seated between us
the imaginary
middle passenger

Upstate Dim Sum - 2008/2,  2008


evening calm . . .
the fisherman’s
smoke rings

Modern Haiku - XXXVII:3,  2006


by the lavish praise
I imagine getting

HPNC Contest, 2006


late night –
the waitress repeats
the list of pies

The Heron's Nest - March, 2006


smell of the smoke disappearing

Upstate Dim Sum - 2012/1,  2012


a man in a crowd in a man

Roadrunner - November, 2009


who am I
falling asleep

Upstate Dim Sum - 2011/2,  2011


leaf color of an old song turning

HPNC Contest, 2013


a leaf ago the shallow past

Frogpond - 35.2,  2012


mansion tour
big mirrors
of the rich

Modern Haiku - XLIV: 2,  2013


my house
without me
autumn wind

Modern Haiku - XLIII:3,  2012


never touching
his own face

Acorn - Number 27,  2011


like most waves
from no one place

Upstate Dim Sum - 2011/2,  2011


the memory
of his memory
cherry blossoms

Upstate Dim Sum - 2011/2,  2011


winter approaching what grows in darkness

Upstate Dim Sum - 2010/1,  2010


summer solstice
a note beyond
the singer’s range

Into Our Words - HNA Anthology, 2009


voices coming
from the next apartment
used to be us

Upstate Dim Sum - 2010/1,  2010



Acorn - Number 29,  2012


putting them away
I hope my clothes
were good enough

Acorn - Number 29,  2012


without a sound
a frog
climbs out of the pond

Frogpond - 35.3,  2012


fact and fiction
of roses
in a vase

Acorn - Number 26,  2011


daylight as the exception it is

Acorn - Number 26,  2011


where does the idiom come from potatoes

Roadrunner - 11.2,  2011


winter dusk
a figure skater
tightens her eights

Modern Haiku - XLII:2,  2011


never go anywhere trees

Modern Haiku - LXI:3,  2010


Valentine’s Day
I chip away at her
icy sidewalk

Modern Haiku - XLII:3,  2011


the directions
to the cemetery
getting us nowhere

Upstate Dim Sum - 2012/1,  2012


autumn dusk
someone’s half pause
on the bridge

Modern Haiku - XLIII:2,  2012


banquet table—
just out of reach
the good conversation

Upstate Dim Sum - 2011/1, 2011


by the light of the pine do not resuscitate

Roadrunner - August, 2008


bird me catch me

Roadrunner - VII:4, 2007



if glass breaks easily a bird

Frogpond  - 37.1, 2014