Christopher Provost

Born 1970 in Springfield, MA, USA
Living in Nashua, NH, USA
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unrippled surface
reflecting back a stranger
exactly like me

Frogpond Vol. 32:3, 2009 (p.9)


cold coffee and eggs
the crowded diner
gets lonelier

Frogpond Vol. 33:1, 2010 (p.21)


unbroken silence
except for the fly buzzing
in the afterbirth

Frogpond Vol. 33:2, 2010 (p.30)


summer symphony
I awaited your encore
for seventeen years

1st Place—NCSU Insect Museum's 3rd Annual Hexapod Haiku Challenge, 2010


her bedroom
the way she left it –
early frost

Notes From The Gean 11, December 2011 (p. 105)


late summer
I wish upon the light
of a dead star

Notes From The Gean 11, December 2011 (p. 105)


yellow jacket stings
almost as painful
as her absence

Notes From The Gean 11, December 2011, (p. 105)


late summer . . .
immersed in the lace
of a dragonfly

Under The Basho - Autumn, 2013


day of fasting . . .
between the mosque and temple
an olive tree

1st Place—Svetlana Marisova Memorial Kukai, 2013