André SurridgeAndré Surridge

Born 1951 in Hull, England
Living in Hamilton, New Zealand. He is the winner of several writing awards for haiku including the Kyoto Museum for World Peace Award (JAPAN); Jane Reichhold International Prize (USA) and the Janice Bostok International Haiku Award (AUS).
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Sunday collection . . .
the nasturtium leaf
full of raindrops

Japan Bulletin, September 2002


holding my breath
the length
of a skylark's song

2nd Prize Robert Frost Haiku Contest 2007


lavender stalk
the weight of one
white butterfly

Elizabeth Searle Lamb Award 2007


Remembrance Day
the child insists on a poppy
for her doll

Joint 3rd, With Words International Online Haiku Competition 2008


x-ray clinic
the orange bones
of a willow

Jane Reichhold International Prize, UkiaHaiku Festival 2010


years later
finding the undertaker's bill
for her still-born child

Magnapoets 5, January 2010


the softness
of lamb's ears
garden for the blind

The Heron's Nest XIV No.1, March 2012


evening breeze
a flag releases
its stars

Janice Bostok International Haiku Award 2012


autumn leaves the tumble of a shining cuckoo's song

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from one hand to the other money spider

A Hundred Gourds  5:1, December 2015