Ôi TsuneyukiÔi Tsuneyuki (大井恒行)

Born 1948 in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

Attended Ritsumeikan University night school, in Kyoto. Although he wasn't a member of any sectarian group, he was committed to the Ampo protests of the 1970s. In his Junior year, he dropped out of school and went to Tokyo to become a writer. Today he is a member of the Modern Haiku Association and the Japan Writers’ Association. He is a judge of the Modern Haiku Association Awards for New Poets. He is also President of the National Bookstore Workers, and the Workers Union Connection Council.

Translations into English by Richard Gilbert & Ito Yuki (Gendaihaiku, 2014)


â! â! to ido ni sturusare yureru mangetsu

ah! ah!
hanged in a well
a full moon sways


karanaki no sora kara naki no kusa ga hae

from tearless sky from tears
weep grasses grow


kodama furu ichizu ni yûhi kase to nari

kodamas fall –
the setting sun fetters

(Note. kodama, a tree spirit in Japanese folklore, reflecting human or anthropomorphic voice within the forest wilds; cf., Dryad, or Echo, in Greek mythology.)


kaminoke no naka made akaki sunafureri

even into hair on the head
red sand falls ...


hi wa hitotabi no yumema megureru gokusha kana

a day's a journey once among dreams in a prison cell


ihatsu hitotsu hakarikaneteru hakari ga aru

a bunch of hair of the dead
hesitating to weigh it
in balance


されど雨されど暗緑 竹に降る
saredo ame saredo anryoku take ni furu

however rain however dark green –
falls on bamboo


furin mo omotaki kaze no naridasazu

a wind bell heavy too –
the wind doesn’t start to ring