Cherie Hunter DayCherie Hunter Day

Born in Morristown, NJ, USA
Living in Cupertino, CA, USA

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palominos –
curve of the winter hills
in moonlight

Woodnotes #23 - Winter 1994 – Best of Issue Award


warm rain
a dragonfly shedding
its wingless skin

Modern Haiku XXX: 1 (Winter/Spring 1999)


a swirl of ink
in the brush water
early dusk

The Heron’s Nest I: 3 - November, 1999; Awarded Runner-up Readers’ Choice Award 1999


swollen stream
a tick on new grass extends
both front legs

The Heron’s Nest IV: 3 - March, 2002


stealing second base –
the middle of a rainbow
lost among storm clouds

7th Annual Mainichi Haiku Contest – Awarded Honorable Mention - July, 2003


looking up
rules of punctuation –
the green hills

The Heron’s Nest VIII: I (March 2006); anthologized Haiku 21, Lee Gruga and Scott Metz, eds. (2011) Modern Haiku Press


winter rain
my employment history
all on one page

Pinewood Haiku Contest 2008 – Awarded First Place; Wisteria #9 - April, 2008


our discussion
turns theological –
hawks riding thermals

2nd Annual Basho Haiku Challenge Chapbook (2010) Lilliput Review Press


salt wind ripples on an inner lake

Haiku Now! 2010 Innovative Haiku Contest—Awarded Runner-up


war memorial
the shine on a bronze soldier
from so many hands

Haiku Now! 2010 Traditional Haiku Contest (5-7-5) Awarded First Place


calla lily
the sound of a ladder

Harold G. Henderson Award, 2011 - Third Place; Touchstone Award, 2012


winding road
for the next eight miles

Modern Haiku 43: 1 (Winter/Spring 2012); Haiku in English: the first hundred years [Kacian, Burns, Rowland, eds.] W.W. Norton (2013)


with temporary wings
the debt ceiling

Modern Haiku 44:2 - Summer 2013; Haiku in English: the first hundred years [Kacian, Burns, Rowland, eds.] W.W. Norton (2013)


unfamiliar alphabet cleaning the talons of winter

R’r 13.1 (2013); Haiku 2014: 100 notable haiku from 2013 [Lee Gurga and Scott Metz, eds.] Modern Haiku Press, 2014


squall line the ragged script of rivers

Frogpond 37:1 - 2014


raw umber the hill’s shorthand for want

Haiku Now! 2014 – Contemporary Haiku Contest – Awarded First Place; Haiku 2015: 100 notable haiku from 2014 [Lee Gurga and Scott Metz, eds.] Modern Haiku Press, 2015


hold your glass against the syllable rain

is/let (2015) March 1, 2015


rain the bauble buried in a uniform

NOON 9: journal of the short poem - May 2015


seeds loose in the pod –
his decision
to stop treatment

Acorn 35 - Autumn 2015


redwood silence from a different century

The Heron’s Nest XVII: 4 (December 2015); Awarded Second Runner-up Readers’ Choice for Poem of the Year 2015