VP Kapoor

V. P. Kapoor

Born 1941 in India
Living in India
First name Vishnu, a widower at present living in Chennai, India. Interests - Urdu ghazals, philosophy, appreciation of art ( painting ) & literature, and astrology. Composing Haiku since Feb 06 after a chance introduction to this genre of poetry in the Japanese stall at Delhi Book Fair.

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winter dusk
lighting my shadow
with a candle

Frogpond - 38.3, Autumn 2015


blood transfusion
a relation added
to my family

Akita - Croatia - Haiku Contest (Hon. Mention) Nov 2015


frisky frog
from one moon
to another moon

Cattails Jan 2016


day after
the sun fills the birdbath
in grandpa's garden

Modern Haiku issue 47:1


earth worm
scoops mud to pour in
liquid sun

14th Mainchi Haiku Contest (Hon. Mention), Jan 2011


placid lake
a frisky frog
sinks the moon

Katha e-book Sep 2013


light of dawn
smoke rising
from the candle

Tinywords, 04 Sep 06


new year dinner
in my soup bowl
her silver hair

Tinywords, 01 Jan 07


ginko walk
a trill
turns each head

Wednesday Haiku; Issa's Untidy Hut, Jan 2011


winter night
even her memory
has warmth

Indian Haiku Anthology (ed. Dr Angelee Deodhar) Spring 2008