Agnes Eva Savich

Born 1976 in Krakow, Poland
Living in Austin, Texas, USA
Agnes Eva Savich has been writing haiku since 2003. A featured Southwestern Haijin in Roadrunner Haiku Journal (2006), she continues to be published in haiku journals, and has an early collection of poetry, The Watcher: Poems (Cedar Leaf Press, 2009).
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the smoothness
of my lover's face –
snowy evening

Frogpond  XXVII:2, 2004


first kick
birds resume

Modern Haiku  35.3, 2004


quitting time
snowflakes blend
with the crowd

The Heron's Nest  VI:8, 2004


cicada song
the sleeping bag's
long zipper

The Heron's Nest  VII:3, 2005


the way she braids
her long gray hair
winter evening

Acorn #14, 2005


crescent moon
a wedge of blood orange
bursts in my mouth

Roadrunner  VI:1, 2006


all the blue
in a jay's wings

Acorn #18, 2007


cliff dust
cicadas saw
through the heat

The Heron's Nest #10, 2010


the missed note
in her piano chord
November rain

Presence #53, 2015


same flowers –
a butterfly I’ll never
see again

Cattails  September 2015


jazz club awning
all the little icicles
bopping down

A Hundred Gourds #5.1, 2015


snow before the children

Under the Basho 2015


in the dark we are ageless shooting stars

Under the Basho 2015



Bones #8, 2015


a line of boxcars
horses graze
the spent field

bottle rockets #34, 2016