Michael Henry Lee

Born 1951 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Living in Saint Augustine, Florida, USA


windows open now
my cat laying on the sill
in the hazy moon

3rd Place Kiyoshi & Kiyoko Tokutomi Haiku Contest 2010


Leonid showers
the sky continues falling
one star at time

1st place Haiku Now Contest Traditional Category 2012


night fall
in my dreams
there's still time

Runner Up Haiku Now Contest Contemporary Category 2012


cherry blossoms
hanging on till it's time
to go

Sakura Award Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival U.S. Invitational Winner


summer grasses
concealing all the snakes
among us

Editors Choice- First Place Vanguard Division World Haiku Review 2014


shadows and light
what little we know
of ourselves

Pen This Painting Winner United Tanka and Haiku Society May 2015


winter wind
the pond ripples
around itself

Commended Haiku Now Awards 2014


river house
a heron sweeps
between two worlds

Bending Reeds 2012 Yuki Teikei Haiku Society's Member Anthology


winter solitude
another long night
where things left off

Heron's Nest March 2012


parent teacher day
the class turtle
fends for itself

Haiku News Dec. 27 2010


mid day rain
tree frogs peep
me to sleep

Berry Blue Haiku Dec. 2010


cicada shells
all this talk
of a better place

The Temple Bell Stops: Contemporary Poems of Grief, Loss and Change (ed. R. Epstein) MET Press 2012


till death do us part wild geese

Frogpond Volume 38:1 Winter 2015


to be
continued . . .

Mainichi Aug 6 2015


moon shadows
one tuffy mouse
gently used

Modern Haiku Winter Spring 2015


in the midst
of monotony . . .
yellow butterflies

A Hundred Gourds Sept 2013


light hinged on
the last gate paling

Heron's Nest Sept 2015


limitless sky the speck an eagle fills in it

A Hundred Gourds Sept 2015


happy hour
a fog descends
on the local pub

Prune Juice Dec. 2015


infinity pool
releasing my grip
on the handrail

Cattails Sept. 2015


cicada winds
our hollow promise
to meet again

Cattails Sept 2014


forest floor once upon all the time in the world

Frogpond Summer 2014


rustling leaves
fear as old as
the floor itself

Heron's Nest Autumn 2014