Tom TicoTom Tico

May 15, 1942 - February 4, 2016
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foghorns . . .
the vague shapes
of familiar trees


beneath purple leaves
the unpicked fruit
stains the sidewalk


after a long stretch of stargazing   first light


around the corner
from the swank nursing home
one for the poor


Valentine’s Day:
my heart favors
the plum blossoms


in this little part
of the solar system
        dust motes


      the hard and fast lines


following the lead my elongated shadow


cold park:
so many trees


emphysema –
it could be the name
of an exotic femme fatale
who ends up leaving you


Easter morning
rising later
than usual


angels’ trumpets
yet here and there
a bit of rust


insomnia . . .
getting to know
the night


the chiaroscuro of crows and morning mist


intermittent rain the long and the short of it


making the most
of the broken-down fence


in the world
but not of it –
autumn wind


just another
of winter’s losses –
my singing voice


every bit as black
as the plumage of the crows –
their strident cries