James Roderick BurnsJames Roderick Burns

Born 1972 in Great Britain
Living in Edinburgh, Scotland

James Roderick Burns' short-form collections 'The Salesman's Shoes' (tanka) and 'Greetings from Luna Park' (sedoka) are published by Modern English Tanka Press. He is managing editor of the UK journal Other Poetry, and lives and works in Edinburgh.


Overhead, grey skies
threatening snow – under foot
offerings of salt

The Zen Space, Winter Showcase, 2014


In the half-filled urn
my face, the whole
luminous day

Hummingbird 25.1, 2015


Night reflections –
paper lightshade stands in
for the missing moon

Bottle Rockets 30, February 2014


By the arse
of the chameleon
everyone is green

Asahi Shimbun, April 29, 2016


Autumn meeting –
waft of flung manure
but no crop rising

Haiku Canada Review 8.2, October 2014


Wild wind
plunges its hands
in the saplings' hair

Mainichi Shimbun, September 22, 2015


Early afternoon –
supermarket receipt blows
into a tree, sticks

The Zen Space, Winter Showcase, 2014


Limber crow
flexes a road sign
as I stump by

Asahi Shimbun, April 15, 2016


Oystercatcher –
red steeple probes
the shifting cloud

Hummingbird 25.1, 2015


Winter rosehips –
cleaner, more delicate
in their decay

Mainichi Shimbun, December 5, 2015


New year bells –
still the moss-choked gutter
opens to rain
Chrysanthemum 16, October 2014


Against a stack
of frozen tyres
the rat’s quick mark
Kernels 1, Spring 2013 - Haiku Editor’s Choice


Shed matters –
where paint spatters end,
the snail trail begins
Haiku Canada Review 8.2, October 2014


Shed matters –
where paint spatters end,
the snail trail begins
Haiku Canada Review 8.2, October 2014


After the hacking,
bees and intricate
Cattails Premier Edition, January 2014


Only through rain
and beaten grey skies
can the sun burn gold
Hedgerow 12, December 2014


In this summer light
even the toilet block
glows with happiness
Asahi Haikuist Network, May 17, 2013


From vine to gutter,
then back as we pass –
jittery sparrows
Creatrix 28, February 2015


Pigeon alighting
for the dignitary’s head
stops, offers his place
Haiku Journal 29, July 2014


Old man
finds his shoe
on the corner
Seven by Twenty, July 23, 2014


Dusk – wind whistles
through the neck
of my coffee cup
Mainichi Shimbun, May 9, 2014 - Isamu Hashimoto’s Annual Selection, 2014


Among the bluebells
an aluminium can
explodes in the heat

Asahi Shimbun-International Herald Tribune, October 1-2, 2005


Artist – gorilla
staring at the setting sun,
supper fruit unpicked

Haiku Quarterly 25, Spring 2001


Flamingo enclosure –
facing the gale
with a bent umbrella

Taj Mahal Review 13.1, June 2014


Funnel of sparrows
in the pale dawn –
all my mistakes

Bottle Rockets 30, February 2014


Ghost fruit, memory –
train stirring last year’s brambles
as it rumbles past

Four and Twenty, November 29, 2011


High voices, then on
to unimaginable
paradise – a moth

Haiku Scotland 3, Autumn 2005


Junction – quick vista
opens to twin roads and trees
before walls close in

Blithe Spirit 11.2, June 2001


One hard frost –
all we have left
of winter

World Haiku Review Spring Issue, April 2014


Salamander Street –
ruptured bicycle tyre twists
to infinity

Anon 1, Summer 2003


Threading a needle
on the foreshore –
passing cormorant

Mainichi Shimbun, July 19, 2014