Joachim Thiede

Born 1963 in Hamburg, Germany.
Biologist, active as botanist. Works in the IT branch.


military cemetery
His name only known to god
forgetful spring

World Haiku Review Spring/Summer 2016  


hay harvest
in a cloud of dust
the meadow coiled up

Chrysanthemum # 18, Autumn 2015 


in the bookstore –
“war and politics”
same section

Chrysanthemum # 6, Autumn 2009
World Haiku Anthology on War, Violence and Human Rights Violation - Dimitar Anakiev (ed.). Kamesan Books, November 2013.


Funeral director
sign in front of the urn:
be right back

Chrysanthemum # 8, Autumn 2010 


a dove inspects
the fender bender

Chrysanthemum # 18, Autumn 2015 


first swallow flight
runes of spring
in the sky

Chrysanthemum # 19, Spring 2016