Keith WoodruffKeith Woodruff

Born in San Jose, California, in 1963. Currently living in Ohio and missing the ocean. I have an MA in poetry from Purdue U, and am honored to have had my work appear in Modern Haiku, Frogpond, Mayfly, Acorn, A Hundred Gourds, and the Big Sky: the Red Moon anthology.


for a moment
the new kitten
half in half out

Mayfly  #22


under this moon –
not sure for a moment
how old you’d be

Snapshots  #11  - also Big Sky: Red Moon Anthology


the owl’s call
a bit closer –
your empty room

Snapshots  #11


kissing her nipple –
the memory of his mouth
not sucking

Snapshots  #11


we bang our bowls clean
against a pine – a sound so old
I remember dying

Frogpond  27:2


dry spell –
the hard nests of mud wasps
that began as rain

Presence  #24


the odor
of blown out candles
moonlight entering

Modern Haiku  28:1


leaving for good –
I sneak past
morning glories

Modern Haiku  35:3


turning 50 –
the whole ocean
where I stood this morning

Honorable Mention, 2015 Griffin-Farlow Haiku Competition


night fishing
. . . watching the line
with my fingers

Acorn  #36


gauzy moon
    obscured by haze
. . . this morning’s ultra-sound

Mayfly  #50


billions of galaxies
. . . my computer warns
I’ m out of space

Failed Haiku,  Issue #3 March 2016


I take a page
out of his book
. . . it’s the last

Failed Hailed,  Issue #4 April 2015


They keep fighting
to keep minimum wage minimum –
I think of Basho’s cormorants

Cattails,  May 2016


softens the junkyard wrecks
. . . the sound of geese leaving

Bottle Rockets  #34



my mother’s red hands after canning the dragonfly’s weight

Bones, Journal for Contemporary Haiku  #9


. . . not a song
. . . not a cry
– just

Presence  #54


not one dog
answers the siren
. . . deep winter

The Heron’s Nest  XVII, Number 4


driving to work
. . . less and less each day
the dead squirrel

A Hundred Gourds  5:2


our dog
dead for months
we still sleep apart

Frogpond  39:1


a sparrow skull
in my palm –
the weight of so little

Frogpond  39:2