Deborah P Kolodji


calendar filled
with doctor's appointments
fallen jacaranda
The Heron's Nest, Volume XV Number 3,September 2013
rust in the cedars
the quiet interrupted
by heron-cry
Lighting a Candle, the 2010 Two Autumns Anthology,
Haiku Poets of Northern California
my steps
your steps
morning sand
Above the Clouds, 2013 Yuki Teikei Society Member's Anthology
a love letter
to Captain Kirk
The Heron's Nest, Volume XIV, Number 2, June 2012
no one
at the water cooler
spring layoffs
Modern Haiku, Vol 44.2, Summer 2013


first light

through the kitchen window

our milk mustaches



Mariposa #28, Spring 2013


as far

as the moon's dark side

his untouched pillow



Bending Reeds, the 2012 Yuki Teikei Membership Anthology



in the purple leaf plum

morning stillness



Modern Haiku, Issue 43.2, Summer 2012


deep winter

the faded coffee mug

that says "Grandpa" 



bottle rockets, #27, August 2012


gray skies again

I fill up my car

at $4.15 a gallon



  first published in bottle rockets, #25, August 2011