Eva LimbachEva Limbach

Born 1958 in Germany
Living in Saarbrücken, a German town near the French border. Since 2012 she has been writing haiku, senryu and sometimes haibun.



taking root
in foreign soil -
wild rosemary

tinywords  01.07.2016


blue sailors   the strange eyes of a daughter

Bones Issue 8 15.11.2015


Terra incognita -
we open the map
of Pangea

Haiku Presence  55 June 2016


summer solstice
my shadow and me
changing sides

Mainichi 02.07.2016


dandelion fluff
the battlefields
so far away

failed haiku 01.06.2016


Trembling earth
the hairline cracks
in a butterfly pupa

Asahi Haikuist Network 20.05.2016


backstage a mocking bird unplugged

Under the Basho 2016


between your autumn
and mine
another cricket song

A Hundred Gourds  March 2016


Zen garden
a little chitchat
with the old koi

Under the Basho 2015


colorful zinnia -
in every blossom
a different fall

Chrysanthemum 19 April 2016


big bang
still waiting for the echo
of the stars

Mainichi 15.12.2014


Late summer
a butterfly's
tousled wing

Asahi Haikuist Network 04.09.2015


Single Malt
another winter
I don't fight

failed haiku  February 2016


snowless winter
the scars in our old
wooden table

Cattails  January 2016