Valeria Barouch

Born 1951 in Zug, Switzerland
Living in Cologny, Switzerland


Boreas attacks –
curled up on the city roofs
chimney smokes

The Mainichi Daily, April 8, 2016


Patchwork quilt . . .
the pattern of
neck pain

The Mainichi Daily, April 11, 2015


Landing . . .
swan feet push the sun
into ripples

The Mainichi Daily, December 26, 2014


billowing clouds . . .
the lake halved into
silver and slate

The Mainichi Daily, December 16, 2013


More view he says
trimming the cherry tree –
trimming my view

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 2009, Honorable mention


Valley to mountain
the road turns the time back
from blossom to buds

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 2011, Sakura Award


Botanical garden –
the café's empty chairs
sparrow perches

17th Haiku International Association Contest, 2015 - Honorable mention


Riverbank –
only clover leaves
without luck

17th Haiku International Association Contest, 2015 - Honorable mention


Peacock on the tree
the spring breeze tousles
his eyes

15th Haiku International Association Contest, 2013 - Prize winner


Glow of lakefront lights –
a shadow bikes to the isle
on a shadow bridge

16th Mainichi Haiku Contest, 2012 - 2nd prize


le couchant boit l'éclat
de leurs ourlets


the twilight sips the brightness
out of their rims

18th Mainichi Haiku Contest 2014, Honorable mention


Musing on dinner
a sudden smell of garlic
from a rear bus seat

14th Mainichi Haiku Contest 2010, Honorable mention


Late summer chill –
someone hands me a tract
on global warming

The Mainichi Daily, December 24, 2008