Steve HodgeSteve Hodge

Born 1953 in the United States
Living in White Lake, Michigan, U.S.

Steve Hodge is the editor of Prune Juice, a Journal of Senryu, Kyoka, Haibun and Haiga. An award winning and anthologized poet, Steve’s work has appeared in many haiku publications, including Modern Haiku, Frogpond, The Heron’s Nest and others. 


on his daughter's cheek
a snowflake melting
the war

Galaxy of Dust, Red Moon Press 2016 [Print]
Frogpond 38.3, Autumn 2015 [Print]


a butterfly's wing
beneath the millstone

The Heron's Nest - Volume XVII, Number 1: March 2015


late-stage Alzheimer's
a swan disappears
into the mist

Frogpond 38.1, Spring 2015


Omaha Beach
leaves falling
on fallen leaves

Frogpond 38.2, Summer 2015


heavy snow
the cardinal's song
fades to white

Daily Haiku, July 19, 2015