Randy Brooks, portrait by Jessica SebokRandy Brooks

Born 1954 in Hutchinson, Kansas, USA
Living in Taylorville, Illinois, USA
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Dr. Randy M. Brooks is a Dean and Professor of English at Millikin University. He teaches courses on the global haiku traditions at Millikin with student work available on the MU Haiku web site: http://performance.millikin.edu/haiku. He and his wife, Shirley Brooks, are co-editors and publishers of Brooks Books, and co-editors of Mayfly magazine. He serves as web editor of Modern Haiku and Frogpond journals. A collection of his haiku, School’s Out, was published by Press Here.


plump blackberries
wet with rain
the whole family

A haiku stone at the “Inn at Honey Run Haiku Path” in Millersburg, Ohio, 2015.


legendary catfish
caught once or twice
the brackish lagoon

Muttering Thunder: An Annual of Fine Haiku & Art, 1, edited by Allan Burns, (Colorado Springs, CO), 2014.


jenny wren returns
her mother whispers
I can go now

Collage, 43.2, Spring 2014.


New York strip
our wedding anniversary
pink in the middle

Frogpond, 37.3, Autumn, 2014.


bad weather
in an envelope
I put a stamp on it

Frogpond, 37.3, Autumn, 2014.


night drive home
we unravel all the things

Frogpond, 37.1, Winter, 2014.


lifting the frog
to her twin sister
you kiss it first

Upstate Dim Sum. John Stevenson, Editor. Nassau, NY: Route 9 Haiku Group. Issue II, November, 2013.


nothing to say
the cottonwood seeds
fall and rise

Upstate Dim Sum. John Stevenson, Editor. Nassau, NY: Route 9 Haiku Group. Issue II, November, 2013.


lunch with a friend
how so few words
hold me up

Frogpond, 36.3, Autumn, 2013.


morning glory
his daughter takes it
to heart

Frogpond. Dubuque, IA: Haiku Society of America, February, 2013.


dessert first
then a second helping
young lovers

Riverwind, Hocking College literary magazine, Summer 2010.


razor wire
soldiers in the alley
tossing dice

Dandelion Clocks: Haiku Society of America Anthology 2008. New York, NY: Haiku Society of America, 2008.


October light
     I open my ribs
to pray

Heron’s Nest, 10.1, (Port Townsend, WA) January, 2008. Also published in the Heron’s Nest Anthology 2014.


a dandelion or two
none of her new friends
best friends yet

Flower of Another Country: Haiku Society of America Member’s Anthology 2007, (New York, NY) December, 2007.


Indian summer . . .
a perfect afternoon
for a student protest

Modern Haiku, 36.2 (Lincoln, IL), Summer, 2005.


holy as the day
   is spent . . .
        warm cups of cider

Modern Haiku, 35.1 (Lincoln, IL), Spring, 2004.


wolves gnawing
at my dream . . .
singing bowls

Heron's Nest, March, 2004.


winter sunshine
words of consolation
bring me down

Modern Haiku, 35.2 (Lincoln, IL), Summer, 2004.


snowed in . . .
going to the bone pile
for one more domino

Raw Nervz, 9.4 (Alymer, QC, Canada), Fall 2004.


evening walk
after office politics
lilac scent

Modern Haiku 34.3, (Lincoln, IL), Summer 2003.


cracked glass
over the photo
her lips parting to speak

Frogpond, 26.2 (Winchester, VA) Summer, 2003.


peony bud
cut for the grave . . .
wren song all day long

Heron’s Nest, 5.2 (Port Townsend, WA) February 2003.


tai chi
with my wife . . .
morning glories open

Heron’s Nest, 5.1 (Port Townsend, WA) January 2003. Editor's choice award.


strike at the mine
a sack of groceries
left on the doorstep

Acorn 9, (Philadelphia, PA ) Fall 2002.


a turtle shell
turned over in his bed
the haiku he left behind

World Haiku Review 2.1, The World Haiku Club, (Oxford, England) March 2002.


reading another
love letter to grandma . . .
paper flakes in the folds

Woodpecker 7.2, (Bakhuizen, Netherlands) Sept. 2001.


jets, flames, towers . . .
her crayon drawing
during the sermon

Haijinx 1.3, (Temple, TX) Sept. 2001.


a pause
in her going to town story . . .
needle threaded again

Acorn, 7 (Philadelphia, PA) Fall, 2001.


grandpa drags his daybed
to the front porch . . .
mockingbird's songs

Raw Nervz, 7.2, (Aylmer, Quebec) Fall 2001.


moonrise . . .
cattle single file through
the narrow pasture gate

Modern Haiku, 32.1, (Madison, WI), Winter 2000.


miles to go . . .
no tracks ahead of us
in the snow

Haiku Troubadours 2000: A Contemporary World Haiku Anthology from Japan, edited by Ban’ya Natsuishi, Ginyu Press (Fujimi, Japan), August 2000.


the hymn my grandma
always sang fortissimo
sung fortissimo

Modern Haiku, 31.2, (Madison, WI), 2000.


wheat chaff in the breeze
two lines wait
on the chapel steps

Raw Nervz, 6.2, (Aylmer, Canada), Summer 1999.


grandma's love letters . . .
double knotted twine
cuts into the edges

Modern Haiku, 30.3, (Madison, WI), 1999.


creek water warm . . .
I swing the grapevine
up to my cousin

The Homestead Cedars, The Virgil Hutton Haiku Memorial Chapbook Competition, (Normal, IL: Saki Press), March, 1999.


nobody's dog . . .
he pokes his nose wherever
he pleases

The Homestead Cedars, The Virgil Hutton Haiku Memorial Chapbook Competition, (Normal, IL: Saki Press), March, 1999.


funeral procession . . .
snowflakes blowing
into the headlights

Harold G. Henderson Award, 1st place, 1998. Published and announced in Frogpond 21.3 Winter 1998.


spring afternoon . . .
I try another combination
on the shed lock

Tundra, 1.1 (Foster City, CA) Summer, 1999


two lines in the water . . .
not a word between
father and son

Modern Haiku, 29.2, (Madison, WI), Summer, 1998. Best of Issue award.


cool haiku stone . . .
black ant down and out
of the kanji

Haiku Award, Matsuyama Tourism Haiku Competition sponsored by the Shiki Haiku Museum and the city of Matsuyama, (Japan), July 1997.
Hoshi Haiku, 8.8, August 1997.


after all these years
she asks about her mother . . .
I put on another log

Mainichi Haiku Contest Anthology, 1997, p. 315. Received honorable mention and inclusion in the anthology.


sisters bent over
the heating vent . . .
adult talk below

Modern Haiku, 28.2 (Madison, WI) Summer, 1997


through the open door . . .
her smile doesn’t forgive
all my sins

Modern Haiku, 27.3 (Madison, WI) Fall, 1996


show me yours.
you first.
barn roof creaks

Raw Nervz Haiku, 1.2, (Aylmer, Quebec), Summer 1994


the pinwheel stops
grandpa catches
his breath

Modern Haiku, 25.1, (Madison, WI), Spring, 1994


through clouds—
the stewardess's
baby steps

Bare Bones, (Somerset, England), Fall 1993


her talk
on the aesthetics of snow,
cancelled due to war

Bear Creek Haiku, (Boulder, CO), July 1992


pine tree trimmings—
mating luna moths
fumble to the ground

Hummingbird, 2.1, (Richland Center, WI), September 1991


holding hands . . .
until we reach
the blackberries

Frogpond, Aug. 1988


school's out—
a boy follows his dog
into the woods

Brussels Sprouts, May 1988


his first haircut
a cowlick

Brussels Sprouts, 1985


first kiss
deep in the woods . . .
sunbeams filter down

HAI, Sept.1981


first snow

no walk
long enough

Amoskeag, June 1980; originally a one-liner


mellow thunder . . .
I slip off my sandals
to feel the cool

Cicada, April 1979


at the mailbox
the postman's dust
passes him

The Windless Orchard, June 1978


dirt farmer's wife
at the screen door—
no tractor sound

Modern Haiku, Feb. 1977. "Personal Favorite" award.


after no leaves
a kite's skeleton
in the uppermost branch

Janus-SCTH, Apr. 1978


after the dust storm
another inside
with her broom

Uzzano, fall 1977


electric pump
instead of windmill—
where will mockingbird nest?

Where Will Mockingbird Nest?  Juniper Press, 1977


in the window—
no moon

Bonsai, (Phoenix, AZ), Jan. 1977. Bonsai quarterly award


barbwire holds its ground,
Buffalo sky
roams the prairie

Uzzano, (Mount Carrol, IL), Fall 1977