Danny BlackwellDanny Blackwell

Born 1977 in the UK
Living in Spain
d blackwell is a british born poet residing elsewhere
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green fields flooded the train passing a station without stopping

Tiny Words 17:1


pancho villa’s trigger finger in an el paso pawn shop winter

Modern Haiku 48:2


winter smoking crack in a wheel-locked car

Bones #13


I watch the scenery

Porad Awards 2018, honorable mention


first sun sneezing another thing we have in common

Presence 59, 2018

post-saccadic activity
re-reading the [values in square parentheses]

Sonic Boom #10


(difficult to explain this) toast-rack yearning

Sonic Boom #10


deep midst the mountains
a disappearing sutra
visiting a grave

Simply Haiku  7:4, Winter 2009


winter dusk
looking back
I turn to nothing

Frogpond 38:2, Summer 2015


the winter too
less muddied
this year

Wild Plum  2:2, Fall & Winter 2016


it isn't spring

Hedgerow  88, 2016


jogging by the hair by the bench where they comb their dog

Presence  56, 2016