Jacob SalzerJacob Salzer

Born in Renton, WA USA
Living Vancouver, WA, USA
Jacob Salzer is a haiku poet who served as the managing editor for the following haiku anthologies: Yanty’s Butterfly (2016), New Bridges (2018), and Half A Rainbow (2020) and is currently the managing editor for a haiku anthology dedicated to people who don’t have access to clean water. His poetry website can be found at: https://jsalzer.wixsite.com/mareliberumhaiku


her whispers in the dark rain falling asleep

Hedgerow, #138, Spring 2022

a homeless man
mumbles something to himself
winter wind

Hedgerow #137, Winter 2022

dinosaur bones . . .
the length
of my shadow

Frogpond, Volume 44:3, Autumn 2021

picking kale –
the darkened veins
in grandma's hands

Kingfisher, issue #3, April 2021

in my digital footprint . . .
the weight of snow

Kingfisher Issue #2, December 2020

sign language
the stories of a farm
in her hands

Presence #70, July issue, 2021

scent of green tea
in my travel mug
the forest's darkness

The Heron's Nest, Volume XXIII, Number 4: December, 2021

sea shell –
the old man curls
into a fetus

Heliosparrow Poetry Journal, April 24, 2021

plum blossom . . .
before the baby
has a name

The Heron’s Nest, Volume XXIII, Number 2: June, 2021

forest mist . . .
thoughts drift
into other worlds

Chrysanthemum 29, Spring issue, 2021

cold wind seeking a flame – the river’s darkness

is/let, October 28, 2021

grandma’s ashes . . .
the Columbia River flows
into the sea

Counting Stars: Seabeck Haiku Getaway 2021 Anthology, Haiku Northwest Press, 2022


shadows become still
on the marble steps

Chrysanthemum  No. 19, April, 2016


I adjust the time
on my camera

Chrysanthemum  No. 19, April 2016


at a familiar stranger

A Hundred Gourds, 5.3, June, 2016


smell of lavender
foreign words drift
in the wind

Under the Basho - 2016


heavy rain
a forest trail
lost in mud

Under the Basho  2016


this orange
touched by so many hands
I eat with gratitude

The Heron's Nest XVII, Number 3, September, 2015


no longer attached
thoughts come and go
the sound of waves

Chrysanthemum 18, October, 2015


no thoughts
light filters through
the shape of glass

Frogpond 38:3, Autumn 2015


how many
become one
sound of rain

Frogpond 38:3, Autumn 2015


forgetting my name
the hook disappears
beneath the water

A Hundred Gourds 5.1, December, 2015


against the shore

Modern Haiku 47:1, Winter 2016


solar eclipse
the untold stories
in grandma’s eyes

Failed Haiku, Volume 1, Issue 1, January, 2016


talking with Papa
as I drive

Failed Haiku, Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2016


forgetting every word
of a long speech –
empty lecture hall

Haiku Canada Review, February 2016 Issue, February, 2016


behind angry parents the eyes of a child

Under the Basho, 2015 issue, 2015


her hands unfolding a butterfly

Under the Basho, 2015 issue, 2015


under one blanket
small whispers
falling asleep

The Sound of Rain, Lulu, 2014


two strangers
smoking cigarettes
in pouring rain

The Sound of Rain, Lulu, 2014


power outage
no-one knows
what time it is

Birds With No Names, Lulu, 2014


sleeping butterfly . . .
do you remember life
as a caterpillar

Yanty’s Butterfly, Lulu, 2015


dead insects
on a stagnant pond
the distant rapids

Birds With No Names, Lulu, 2014


forest after rain . . .
the sound of footsteps

Yanty’s Butterfly  Lulu, 2015


stairway to heaven
the stars are within us

Yanty’s Butterfly  Lulu, 2015


there is no i
            around you

Yanty’s Butterfly  Lulu, 2015


a frozen telescope pointing
at the moon

Yanty’s Butterfly  Lulu, 2015


a monk holds an empty bowl
crescent moon

Yanty’s Butterfly  Lulu, 2015


as she counts the days my torn calendar

Yanty’s Butterfly  Lulu, 2015


walking shadow of sunlight has no age

Yanty’s Butterfly  Lulu, 2015


a night with no moon
spectators remain silent
only their eyes move

Yanty’s Butterfly  Lulu, 2015


sunlight piercing through
holes in a conversation
a fan keeps spinning

Yanty’s Butterfly  Lulu, 2015


sunlit mist
in unison
Orcas appear
and disappear

Yanty’s Butterfly  Lulu, 2015