Born 1946, Spokane, Washington, USA
Current Residence: Victoria, BC, Canada
Nika is the pen name of retired educator Jim Force. He currently writes with The Heron’s Quill in Victoria where he is a member of Haiku Arbutus. His haiku have been widely published in magazines and anthologies. He has published two chapbooks: frogs singing (1993) and snail my friend (2015).


after the rain
from puddle to puddle
red rubber boots

Time Pieces: Haiku Week-at-a-Glance, Calendar – 4/12 1994


ah, the joy
of walking naked . . .
summer rain

Modern Haiku, Vol. XXIV:1 1993


chasing butterflies
distant thunder

Basho Festival Dedicatory Anthology  Vol. 48, 1994


country road
at the end of the straight stretch
three wooden crosses

Frogpond, Vol. XVII:3 Autumn, 1994


desert heat
  echoing red
    canyon walls

Blithe Spirit, Vol. 3:2, 1993


dreams of women
the kind mother disapproves of
                      . . . morning dew

Raw Nervz Haiku  Vol. 1:3 Fall, 1994


driftwood knot        staring back

Black Before the Sun, November, 1993
Honourable mention award 1993 International Poetry Contest
New Zealand Poetry Society


endless cold
all day the bag-lady
rides the train

Tidepool #11, 1994


first green leaves
how I envy
my younger self

Asahi Haikuist Network 29 April 2016


flower gazing
the garden goes

Akitsu Quarterly  Summer, 2016


the great Buddha too
suffers the indiscretions
of city pigeons

Woodpecker Vol. 1:1, Autumn, 1995


the great Buddha too
suffers the indiscretions
of city pigeons

Woodpecker Vol. 1:1, Autumn, 1995


half lotus . . .
the constant drone
of flies

World Haiku Review August, 2011


long day’s trek
against the elements
against myself

Haiku Headlines #70 January, 1994


lowering myself
deeper . . . into
her warmth

World Haiku Review June, 2016


morning moon
the mockingbird’s wing
lures a white moth

Albatross Vol. IV: 1&2, Spring & Summer, 1995


morning moon
why grandpa why
a morning moon

Failed Haiku #8 August 2016


new-born calf
the dog devours
the afterbirth

Tidepool # 11 1994


oh worms
enjoy this withered flesh
after I am gone

Haiku Canada 20th Anniversary Holographic Anthology, 1997


the old tom cat
licking feathers from his chin
in the morning sun

Sparrow # 15 & 16, Autumn-Winter 1996


rising moon
new-born calf discovers
its legs

Haiku Spirit #4 November, 1995


spring rain . . .
how empty this pond
without frog sound

Haiku Canada Review  October 2015


sudden chill
awaiting fresh tea
this empty cup

Frogpond Vol. XVIII:3 Autumn, 1995


summer rain
rodeo cowboy
rising from the mud

Modern Haiku  Vol. XXV:1, 1994