Terri L. FrenchTerri L. French

Born 1959 in US. 
Currently resides in Huntsville, AL.
Freelance writer and poet, former Southeast Coordinator of the Haiku Society of America, prior editor of Prune Juice Journal of senryu, kyoka and haibun, present assistant editor Living Senryu Anthology, and is presently secretary of The Haiku Foundation.



January. . .
loneliness knitted
into a scarf

1st place - Wild Plum Haiku Contest, 2016


beach stroll
sea glass saved
in a soda bottle

Acorn No. 35, Fall 2015


autumn morning
the shape of a grandchild
beneath the quilt

Honorable Mention - Haiku North America Haiku Contest, 2013


a mosquito comes back
for hair of the dog

Failed Haiku  1:2


Hampton Inn
a swallow beds
in the letter “o”

Sonic Boom Issue Four - December 2015


evening meditation
on the tao of the next wave
everything rests

Haiga Online 12:2 - December 2011


autumn winds
campaign signs
shifting positions

Daily Haiku - Feb 15, 2011


goose crossing
the old pick-up’s
broken horn

The Heron’s Nest  XIV:2 - June 2012


perigee moon—
the amateur astronomer
invades my space

Favorite Haiku - Modern Haiku 45:2 - Summer 2014


gardenia blossoms
at the border
of a repressed memory

A Hundred Gourds  1: 4 - September 2012


Spring thaw
an ice shanty leans
into the melt

Honorable Mention, Under the Basho  2014


Palm Sunday
a path of wild onions
at my feet

Bottle Rockets 31 - August, 2014