David J. KellyDavid J Kelly

Born in 1963 in Middlesex, Greater London, UK.
Currently resident in Dublin, Ireland.
David J Kelly is a scientist by training (PhD in Zoology), but has been fascinated by the music of language for longer than he can remember. His main hobbies are birds and words. David’s first collection, Hammerscale from the Thrush’s Anvil (Alba Publishing), was published in November 2016.



on the skeletons
of the storm-ravaged oak trees
moss, lichen, ivy

Blithe Spirit  22.2, May 2012


Christmas morning
the earth as hard as iron
two mice in one trap

Blithe Spirit 23.1, February 2013


ground frost …
liquid bird songs
trickle past the curtains

Kokako 20, April 2014


frond …

Haiku Canada Review 9.2, October 2015


autumn’s advance
decaying shadows
riddled with light

Paper Wasp  21.1, Autumn 2015


at this fallen tree
a silent undertaking …
the work of woodlice

Blithe Spirit 25.3, August 2015


winter woodland
the sun returns
to its roots

Frogpond 39.1, winter 2016


still-born lamb
a croak of darkness

Blithe Spirit 25.2, May 2015


flash flood
the leopard tortoise
turns turtle

A Hundred Gourds 5.1, December 2015


fly …
from noun to verb
and back

Frogpond 38.3, Autumn 2015


rook … rook … rook
all along the fence
one peck apart

Blithe Spirit 25.4, November 2015


a stronger wind
the hillside drifts
into autumn

Hedgerow 48, September 2015


( ( ( (frog) ) ) )

Brass Bell, April 2016


oarless, rudderless
just an ordinary leaf
drifting out to sea

Haiku Journal 43, 2016


walled garden
unable to contain
the new season

Akitsu Quarterly, Summer 2016

reaching out
to touch the void
snake’s tongue

Heron’s Nest vol. XVIII no. 3, September 2016


no weather vane
above the church tower
a crescent moon

Presence 56, October 2016


mass shooting spring on an industrial scale

Frogpond 39.2, Autumn 2016


next to nothing
in the bright summer sky
day moon

The Zen Space: Summer 2016


almost a secret
the whispering of light rain
behind closed curtains

Mayfly 61, July 2016


dusk arrives slowly
snails climbing the walls
of the allotments

Blithe Spirit 26.3, September 2016


salmon ladder …
the small steps that make
a giant leap

Blithe Spirit 26.3, September 2016


confidently entering my bedroom summer dawn

Wild Plum 2.2, Fall/Winter 2016


a young foal
learning to balance

Kokako 25, September 2016


 a  ling rook
 rilliant  uttercups
a land with no bees

Otata, January 2017