Steliana Cristina Voicu

From Ploiesti, Romania



jasmine moon –
the bridal bouquet

Chrysanthemum  20, October 2016


delivery room -
the gentle light
of the beginning

Honorable Mention, Betty Drevniok Award 2015, Canada


yellow leaves -
the steps of a passerby
echoes in the rain

Under the Bashō  2016, Modern Haiku


grace of the night –
a swan leans to pick up
a falling star

Commendation in the 4th Polish International Haiku Competion 2014


light from a firefly
fills the jar

Asahi Haikuist Network, 2 September 2016


Milky Way -
our secret path
of cherry blossoms

Honorable Mention at Vancouver Cherry Blossoms Festival 2015


falling plum blossoms…
the nightingale now singing
for another tree

The Heron's Nest  Volume XVII, Number 4: December 2015


after apple harvest
forgotten in the orchard
a basket of stars

The Mainichi, Japan, 19th November 2014


Grapes harvest
Baskets of light
Delay the dusk

Runner-up Prize, 25th Basho Haiku Festival, Japan, 12th October 2013
Under the Bashō 2016, Poets’ Personal Best