Kwaku Feni AdowKwaku Feni Adow

Born 1988 in Atonsu-Nsuta, Ghana.
Living in Akosombo, Ghana.

Kwaku is a writer, poet, teacher and student from Ghana, currently pursuing a degree in one of the country's University. He describes himself as a lover of literature and music.



asphalt vapour . . .
afternoon raindrops
return to the sky

Third Place, Indian Kukai August 2015

boat ride -
throwing a glint in my eye
the river's sun

The Mamba Journal of Africa Haiku Network, Issue 1, September 2016

morning inspection
from one flower to another
a butterfly

Cattails, January 2016 

cloud patterns . . .
the sky at twilight
dotted with bats

Cattails, May 2016 

near harvesting plantain
leaning on a prop -
old age

The Mamba, Journal of Africa Haiku Network, Issue 1 September 2016

blackout evening
the moon lights up
outdoor conversation

First Place, Babishai Haiku Contest 2016

change over
mother treats
grandmother's wound

Failed Haiku  9 - 2016

birthday cake
I blow out
my old age

Failed Haiku  10 - 2016

family selfie
our heads connect
cheek to cheek

Indian Kukai  September 2016 

Sunday Times -
today's news in the
puppy's mouth

Honourable Mention, 2nd MHP Academy Contest, November 2016 

the pain of laughter
in cracked lips

Frameless Sky, Issue 5, 2016

father's charity
the scarecrow standing
in my old clothes

Under The Basho  2016 

muddy trail of footprints
I step inside the shoe
of another

Under The Basho, November 2016 

arriving on the farm -
the open arms
of the scarecrow

Honourable Mention, 18th HIA Haiku Contest, 2016