Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian

Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian is a haiku writer, and a writer of many things. He is the co-founder of Africa Haiku Network and co-editor of its Mamba journal.
He runs a private website: https://emmanueljessiekalusian.wordpress.com


approaching storm
the homeless man tidies up
his new residence

Honourable Mention, Vladimir Devide 2015 Haiku Award

full moon
a soon-to-be mum spits
watermelon seeds

Wild Plum Winter & Fall Issue 2016

till night
the cricket sings 
into loneliness

Atoms of Haiku Anthology Volume 2 - 2016

deep winter
the sound of 
my English

Modern Haiku, Issue 47.2, Winter 2016

ripe mango!
a shadow falls
from the tree

Atoms of Haiku Anthology Volume 2