Matthew MoffettMatthew Moffett

Born in 1987 in Wyandotte, Michigan, USA
Living in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, USA

Matthew Moffett currently teaches Introduction to Academic Writing and Freshman Composition at Mid Michigan Community College, but hopes to someday teach a course devoted solely to haiku and related forms. He hopes you enjoy his poems!


woodpecker at dawn rattles off my to-do list

Hedgerow, Number 26: April 24, 2015


stepping into) sunrise (the day's agenda

Sonic Boom, Number 4: December, 2015


sweat bees at the trash can buzzing academic guilt

Sonic Boom, Number 6: August, 2016


sidewalk ice until we know if the medicine's working

Modern Haiku Volume 46, Number 2: Summer 2016


wind through falling leaves my bones unlike a sparrow's

Bones 11 - Nov. 2016


a bit rusty squeak of his grandkids swinging

Hedgerow, Number 86: July 15, 2016


dust motes floating in sunlight our ten year plan

Right Hand Pointing, Number 95: February, 2016


such a thing as too clean the wind's incision

Frogpond, Volume 38, Number 3: Autumn 2015


to pick my teeth with its splinters hunger moon

Right Hand Pointing, Number 95: February, 2016


cornstalks offering themselves upwards as if

Sonic Boom, Number 5: April, 2016


what's left unsaid inside the smell of rain

Modern Haiku, Volume 47, Number 1: Winter/Spring 2016


regardless of its name ditch lily

tinywords, Volume 16, Number 2: November 2016


the universe! in each snowflake

Hedgerow, Number 31: April 24, 2015


after the ultrasound everything in bloom

Right Hand Pointing, Number 107: February 2017