Robyn Hood BlackRobyn Hood Black

Robyn Hood Black makes poems and art in the balmy South Carolina Lowcountry of the US. Her haiku appear in several journals and anthologies. A children’s book author, her published works include fiction, nonfiction, and many poems in anthologies and magazines.

Born 1963 in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
Living in Beaufort, South Carolina, USA &



robin's egg blue
how my father would have loved
my son

Acorn No. 29, Fall 2012
Write Like Issa, David G. Lanoue,, 2017


years later
my Achilles heel
still just that

bottle rockets, #37 (Vol. 19, No. 1,) , August 2017


outgoing tide
the losses I keep
to myself

Acorn #35, Fall 2015


spring equinox
an egret one
with the marsh

The Heron's Nest  Volume XVII, Number 3: September 2015


december fog my to do to do to do list

Modern Haiku, Volume 45.3, Autumn 2014


telling it slant
a ghost crab slips into
a hole

Acorn, No. 31, Fall 2013


Memorial Day
a flag flutters above
its shadow

Frogpond  36:1, Winter 2013


winter rain
the fine print
smaller each year

Chrysanthemum, April 2012


back to school
nip in the air
of my teenager

Prune Juice, Spring 2012 


home again
twists and turns
of the live oak

Acorn, Spring 2012


rush of wind my imperfect t'ai chi

A Hundred Gourds March 2012