Gail OareGail Oare

Born 1952 in USA
Gail Oare is a retired science publishing executive. She writes fiction, nonfiction and poetry, and consults.



frigate in dry dock
the spider on the mainmast
hoists a moth

Heron’s Nest, Volume XVIII, Number 4: December 2016


after the parade
the snapping latches
of trumpet cases

Modern Haiku 48:3, Fall 2017


memorial day
the parade lengthens
by a new war

Prune Juice, Number 22: July 2017

one-sided money monopoly game

Modern Haiku 48:2, Summer 2017


old ladies leaning in
their friendship
their bones

Wild Voices, Wildflower Poetry Press, 2017


ripe corn
the summer secrets
of raccoons

Hedgerow, Number 110, Spring 2017


Labor Day
the grip of crust
on the grill

Failed Haiku, Volume 2, Number 21: September 2017


breaking news
I watch it crawl
stink bug

Failed Haiku, Volume 2, Number 18: June 2017


kissing his own lips
silver trophy

Failed Haiku, Volume 2, Number 16: March 2017, issue #16


family gathering
arguing again about
world peace

Failed Haiku, Volume 1, Number 2: February 2016