Marshall BoodMarshall Bood

Born: 1980 Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada
Resides: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Marshall Bood’s debut collection is Spring Cleaning (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2021).


farmers market …
a child peers
into a storm grate

Modern Haiku 52.3, Autumn 2021

late autumn —
the path mostly
to myself again

Hedgerow #133, Autumn 2020

the frog statue
the spring puddle

bottle rockets #38, February 2018

summer afternoon …
her kids chase jackrabbits
from the yard

Under the Basho, September 10 2018

early spring –
teens shoveling
the skateboard park

Acorn 43, Fall 2019

spring morning –
a bald man
shines his Harley

Akitsu Quarterly, Fall 2018


sunny coffeehouse –
she thanks me
for watching her laptop

bottle rockets #39, August 2018


freezing rain –
smokers outside
their designated area

The Heron’s Nest-Volume XXI, Number 1:March 2019


winter dragging on ...
cigarette butts frozen
in the ice

Wales Haiku Journal, Spring 2018


thin ice ...
human footprints
across the lake

Presence 61, July 2018


geese eating elm seeds floating on the lake

Wales Haiku Journal, Summer 2018


the pedestrian bridge
creaking worse ...
summer storm

Akitsu Quarterly, Winter 2018


90th birthday party —
Grandpa adds
more salt

The Heron’s Nest Volume XIV, Number 3: September 2012

Adolescent Unit —
the blind girl asks
if I am handsome

Acorn #35 Fall 2015

winter persists —
she shakes
her nail polish

Acorn #31 Fall 2013

icy sidewalk ...
a grey line of pigeons
above the underpass

bottle rockets #27 Summer 2012

streets sparkle —
the white dog follows
the path in the snow

bottle rockets #27 Summer 2012

valley summer —
shale breaks
in our hands

bottle rockets #28 Winter 2013

winter night ...
the dog buries his bone
in the couch

Shamrock 25 2013

pigeons on the billboard advertising nothing

bottle rockets #34 Winter 2016

insomnia ...
a crow caws

bottle rockets #32 Winter 2015

summer afternoon —
the saxophone busker
takes a drag

The Heron’s Nest Volume XIV, Number 2: June, 2012

dirty bus windows going to a movie

Modern Haiku 43.3 Autumn 2012

summer night —
a window shuts
on our conversation

The Heron’s Nest Volume XIX, Number 1: March 2017

crow caws
in all directions ...
the endless traffic

The Heron’s Nest Volume XII, Number 4: December 2010

cars parked
in the snow ...
alarms blinking

bottle rockets #37 Summer 2017