Michael Flanagan

Born 1947 in the USA
Currently live in Minnesota, USA
I live in Minnesota with Lady, my lovable mutt.  I fly fish and write short poems to fill out my life.


an unmarked stone
alone in the muddy snow…
I brought you a rose

Blithe Spirit # 311

we know so few
there will be more ghosts than living at her wake

Hedgerow # 133

her casket ordered
a sort of peace settles
the tsunami of my mind

Poetry Quarterly Fall 2020

green moss grows
on the north side of the oak
that shades her gravestone

Poetry Quarterly # 35 Fall 2018

so weary
in the rain outside the ER
she bums a smoke

Three Line Poetry # 53

cobwebs in the loft
the rope we used to swing on
when we flew like birds

Heron’s Nest Volume XVIII, Number 3: September 2016

cornflower blue
shawl draped over the barn door
Morning Glories

Three Line Poetry #39 2016

the mare nips
at the farrier’s ponytail —
autumn chill

Heron’s Nest Volume XIX September 2016

broken stones
honey bees and hollyhocks
pioneer cemetery

Mayfly Haiku Magazine #61 Summer 2016

last quarter moon glows
and points out Alpha Librae
like any proud parent

Dancing On The Window Sill NOOK Press 2017