Aparna Pathak

Born: 1970, India
Resides: Gurugram, India
Aparna Pathak is freelance writer from India. Her work appears in Poetry Life and Times , Reflections , Negative Suck , Poetry 24, Rolling Thunder Press , Blue Cygnus, Earthen Lamp Journal , Lost Tower Publication, Inner Child Press (US), Silver Birch Press , Shot Glass Journal , The Heron’s Nest, Akisame (Newsletter of European Haiku Society, Hedgerow, Prune Juice, Creatrix poets, Presence, Chrysanthemum, Whispers, The Mamba, World Haiku Review, Wild Plum, Failed Haiku, The Asahi Shimbun, The Mainichi, Stardust, Akitsu Quarterly, Frameless Sky, Bones, Cattails, brass bell: a haiku journal

Books Published: Silent Flute (2012).


hill walking
he knows all the ways
to go missing with me

honorable mention / 6th Matsuyama photo haiku contest / 2017

autumn river
if only I had tied
the boat

Presence # 59

morning raga
a loud yawn
before it ends

Commended /IAFOR awards / 2016

sand bubbler crab
somewhere between the pellets
waning moon

Haiku Master of the month/ NHK World / November 2016

basking morass—
flapping ears of an elephant
losing tempo

Heron's Nest (XIX:1) March 2017

paddy field —
the wallowing buffalo
licks its nose

Wild Plum 3:1 / Spring- summer/ 2017

train journey
each one of us
a hula doll

Acorn  issue #38 , Spring 2017

square to square
the refugee girl

Frogpond 40. 2 Spring- Summer 2017

mango blossom
glance of first tooth
in baby’s grin

MayFly #63 Summer 2017

the stillness
in the canyon
late Autumn

UHTS Cattails October 2017

war news
my second helping
of tea

Tinywords 17.2 / 2017

mole static on tongue loops

Bones # 14 2017

standing firm in running water moon and I

Under the Basho, November 2016

every ripple a river in the river

Under the Basho, November 2016

the star mother pointed to before becoming

Under the Basho, November 2016

kattie shots on stars surrounding my moon

Bones #11, 2016

the ruler's statue laden with pigeon's rain

Bones #11, 2016

History class -
the teacher asks us
not to look back

Failed Haiku October 2016

manthan of curd
granny and mom
in sync for once

Prune Juice # 19 July 2016

the hiss sound I make
on the first syllable

Presence #55, 2016

death anniversary...
his fading odor
in treasured shirt

Wild Plum 2.2 , FALL& WINTER ISSUE, 2016)
Touchstone 2016 Shortlist

city fair
my loosened grip
on father's finger

Haiku Master of the month/ NHK World / April 2016