Michael Rehling

Born 1946 in Detroit, Michigan, USA
Living in Presque Isle, Michigan, USA

where other trees
reach upwards
the willow

2013 HNA anthology


clock shop
noon proclaimed
over and over

from  “How to Now: Listening to Haiku Poets" by Tracy Koretsky


pretending not to be there the whitetail and I

 from a haiga in HaigaOnline


on a north wind

from a haiga in HaigaOnline


small twig in a raging river skipping the class reunion

 from a haiga in HaigaOnline


in a split second
during a long thoughtful breath
I inhale a bug

Simply Haiku


breakfast kiss
– sharing the egg white
on our tongues

Simply Haiku


daring me
to follow it . . .
jazz riff

Prune Juice


at a friend’s grave
cancer rising

from “Astronomical Death” in Haibun Today


the clarity
of every single moment . . .
spring rain



the maple
has chosen today to turn
September 11

Modern Haiku


memorial –
rose petals float
on our reflections

Notes from the Gean


shoreline gestalt . . . the stone in my sandal

from a haiga Prune Juice 11 November 2013


early morning
chanting the heart sutra
to a butterfly

extracted from a haiga published on HaigaOnline


Brubeck on the juke
the waitress brings my beer
in 5/4 time

Simply Haiku