Vandana ParasharVandana Parashar

Vandana Parashar is a post-graduate in Microbiology and teacher by profession. A person of less  words,her affinity for all things "micro" perhaps attracted her to haiku. Her work has been published in many journals like Cattails, A Hundred Gourds ,Creatrix, Naad Anunaad, Ginyu Haiku Anthology, Prune Juice. Her haiku has been featured in Wordweavers contest 2016 and got second place in Wordweavers contest 2017. Her haiku got honorable mention  in Italian Haiku Association Matsuo Basho  Contest 2015. She lives in Chandigarh,India with her husband and two daughters.


secret admirer...
the moon seeks cover
behind the clouds

Third Prize, Wordweavers Haiku Contest,2017

greek coffee
...the bitter taste of
our argument

World Haiku Review, March 2018


my thoughts held together
by untimed strings

World Haiku Review, March 2018

new moon
my hand moves over where
once my breast was

Honourable mention, Marlene Mountain Haiku Contest, 2018

forest retreat
the brook in step
with wren's song

Featured poet, Wordweavers Haiku Contest, 2018


biscuit crumbs...
frail fingers picking up
the memories

Third place - European Quarterly Kukai Autumn 20I5 (Theme- Food)


dad's funeral...
how I wish he was
a phoenix

First place - 15th Indian Kukai February 2016 (Theme-Ash)


mirror maze...
I stand alone
in the crowd of me

A Hundred Gourds  Sept 2015


dusky night...
a boat returns to the sound
of temple bells

Cattails  Sept 2015


barren womb
flowers bloom
on her saree

Prune Juice  #17 Nov 2015


twilight traffic...
the moon finding it's way
through clouds

Creatrix  #31  Dec 2015


chilly morning...
dad comes back wrapped
in the tricolour

Triveni  2015


arranged marriage
an aunt gets me
a fairness cream

Triveni  2015


cousin's wedding
mom frowns to see
my backless blouse

Triveni  2015


seven-year itch
I loosen my grip
on the kite

Cattails  Jan 2016


cold silence...
the baby sleeps
without lullaby

Cattails  Jan 2016


one-way street
the fragrance of jasmine

Cattails  Jan 2016


string of jasmine
the day unfolds
petal by petal

A Hundred Gourds March 2016


cookery class
... and the flavour of
half-baked gossip

Prune Juice  #18 March 2016


fish bowl
is there a world
outside home

Sonicboom  #5 April 2016


away from home...
I put sodden pillow
out to dry

Creatrix  #33 May 2016

one by one I undo
my buttons

Creatrix #39, 2017