RDMcManesR.D. McManes

born 1953 - USA - currently resides in Topeka, Kansas.
R.D. McManes is the author of seven poetry books. He has had over 500 poems featured in numerous worldwide publications. Mr. McManes enjoys reading and writing haiku, senryu and free verse poems.



in one breath
the haiku exhales
a butterfly

A Procession of Ripples, Sept 2002


the summer sun
rising above a field
of corn stalks

Haiku Sun III, June 2003


a wine glass
catches the evening

Haiku Sun III, June 2003


warm wind
blowing gently
across the lake

Haiku Sun III, June 2003


the sun
is slowly setting
as shadows race

Haiku Sun III, June 2003


between the trees
the wings of a crow
gathering sunlight

Haiku Sun III, June 2003


grass on the graves
the whippoorwill
far away

The Heron’s Nest  # 9: Sept 2003


shift change
the leather squeak
of worn soles

Gren 17, Mar 2013


political dreams
using monopoly money
on boardwalk hotels

Kernels 1.1: Apr 2013


spring storm
small poems to read
by candlelight

Frogpond 36-2, May 2013


in the autumn leaves
umbrellas touch

A Hundred Gourds 3.1, Dec 2013


early spring
the sky shrinks
with each new leaf

Presence 49, Feb 2014