Lydia Royen Damhave

Born 1979 in Frankfurt/M, Germany.
Living in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Since 2012 haiku and other forms of poetry in literary magazines.


new hearing aid
the trees are rustling again
even the stars

Chrysanthemum Volume XI, Number 1: April, 2012.

at night
from street lamp to street lamp
the rain

Chrysanthemum Volume XI, Number 1:April, 2012.

in the brook
a child's kite
floats through the clouds

Chrysanthemum Volume XIII, Number 1: April, 2013.

learn how to sleep
slowly the music box
pulls in the string

Original version published in Chrysanthemum Volume XV, Number 1: April, 2014.

eyeblinks at night
an oarsman
parts the dark sea

nächtlicher Lidschlag
ein Ruderer teilt
das dunkle Wasser

Original version published in German
Haiku-heute Volume 242, Number 4: April, 2014.
English translation by the author.

Swan Lake
the slender neck of the
feeding cup

Chrysanthemum Volume XVI, Number 2: October, 2014.