Andy McLellan

Born 1970, Salisbury UK. Currently resident in Canterbury, UK

Andy McLellan is a haiku poet and Sōtō Zen novice priest living in Canterbury, UK. He spends a lot of time drinking tea and thinking deep thoughts like “Is it too soon for more tea?”. He has three children and a PhD in plant biology.



halfway to the sea
a seagull’s shadow
follows its cry

Blithe Spirit  27.3, September 2017


on the radio
summer afternoon

cattails, October 2017


the last berries
hanging from a thorn tree
Advent Sunday

hedgerow 122, December 2017


daisy chain
two bodies coil around
an empty wine bottle

Scryptic 1.4, March 2018


elephant skull
the looming shadow
of Kilimanjaro

The Mamba, March 2018


first snow
my fingers brush
a favourite poem

Blithe Spirit  28.1, March 2018


below freezing
city streets

Asahi Haikuist Network, March 16 2018