Jan BensonJan Benson

Jan Benson is a Pushcart Prize nominated haiku poet living in Texas. Benson's haiku are published in many of the world's leading haiku journals and magazines. Jan is a member of The World Haiku
Association, and Poetry Society of Texas. Jan's profile can be found on The Haiku Foundation "Poet Registry" and online at The Living Senryu Anthology.


threads of snow-lace
on the windowpane
malted ovaltine

Stardust Issue 13 January 2018

spring snow-melt
forgetting where
the pain is buried

FemKuMag Issue Two July 2018

gathering pollen
for the sensory garden
summer solstice

Hedgerow Issue 124, Summer 2018

saffron hour
the sun a crystal
singing bowl

Daily Haiga 2018

the bray
of young pronghorns
clouds break blue

Akitsu - Spring 2018

green barley
a slack tide
of turfan silk

Akitsu - Spring 2018

pink petals
in the wind drift...

Blithe Spirit  Spring 2018

summer sunset
a flock of black skimmer bank
descending to the sea

2018 EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration (Birds)


milking honeysuckle downpour

Under the Basho 2018

first blossoms
float upon clouds
old pond

Under the Basho 2018

scudding clouds
over the channel
a gull's distant cry

H.M. MHPA 6th Quick Writing Challenge June 2018

father's day
the scent of cherry tobacco
from the den

previously unpublished

a psalm
on the prairie

The Enigmatist 2018

spring equinox
the soft dawn
between us

The Enigmatist 2018

Summer tradewinds
splicing the mainbrace

Wild - The British Haiku Society 2018 Member Anthology


tidal flats
the quarter-tones
of a sandpiper

1st Prize (Haiku in Foreign Languages) ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA HAIKU
The Italian Matsuo Basho Awards 4th Edition, 2016 Page 7
dust devils  Red Moon Press Anthology 2016


pumpkin harvest
the old straw-man


berba buča
sve tanji je stari
čovjek od slame

Highly Commended - Croatian Pumpkin Festival Contest (Iris)2017


adobe walls at dusk
crickets knit the names
of the lost

2014 Pushcart Nomination, Dos Gatos Press 
2015 Texas Poetry Calendar


scant pulse . . .
the pink petal drift
of his birth

Honorable Mention USA, Vancouver 2016 Haiku Invitational Cherry Blossom Contest


lifting geese
white-fluff cattails
in the spindrift

Honorary Mention  My Haiku Pond Contest #2My Haiku Pond Contest #2


easter morn
the cross-town camber
of change bells

Wild Plum 3:1  Spring/Summer 2017


sweeping winter
from the corners
early crocus

Brass Bell  February 2017


skillet cornbread
crumbled into buttermilk
first frost

Brass Bell  September 2016


over rapeseed hills
a slipper moon

Stardust Haiku, Issue 9 9/24/2017


cloud-quiet . . .
the first scent
of yellow

Blithe Spirit Journal Volume 27, #2 May 2017


north star
the yodel of a coywolf
on winter's wind

Hedgerow #122, Winter 2017