Roger WatsonRoger Watson

Born: 1955 in Aberdeen, UK
Living: Kingston-upon-Hull, UK
Roger Watson is a biologist, nurse and academic editor working at the University of Hull, UK. He was born and raised in Scotland and has lived in many parts of the UK and Ireland. He travels extensively in China and the Far East. He is married with eight children.
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Roger Watson Reading Several Of His Haiku


an oblivious bee
between headstones

The Mainichi June, 2020

sakura blossom
on the koi pond
two legends meet

Poetry Pea Series 3 Episode 14, 2020

stormy night
I imagine the garden

Wales Haiku Journal Spring, 2021

lilac blossom
sweet scent with just a hint
of wheelie bin

Creatix Number 46 (2019)

early morning market
the smell
of fresh tomatoes

Blithe Spirit Volume 29 Number 3 page 36 (2019)

a warm breeze
wafts plum blossom
into reiwa *

Asahi Haikuist Network 3 May 2019

* the new era on the Chrysanthemum Throne in Japan; possible meaning 'auspicious peace'.

buttock marks
on the wall
light snow

Wales Haiku Journal Spring 2019

evening train
racing its shadow

Blithe Spirit 29.1, November 2019

optician's bill
unable to read
the small print

cattails April 2019

high spirits
in the sanatorium
infectious laughter

cattails April 2019

glinting salmon
my world briefly
then his

cattails April 2019

long rows
of white stones
soldiers’ last dreams

Under the Basho 5 March 2019

Northern Lights
don’t spoil it with
an explanation

Under the Basho 5 March 2019

handing over
the wrong currency

Under the Basho 5 March 2019

first date
she had no accent

Failed Haiku #38

before sending
I check the grammar
in my sympathy note

Failed Haiku #38

murder mystery night

Failed Haiku #38

sports day
children cheering
the teachers’ race

Poetry Pea website 23 January 2019

schoolboy football
chasing the ball

Poetry Pea website 18 February 2019

on the whiteboard
fuzzy ideas
still visible

Blithe Spirit  28.4, November 2018

the algae
thriving, even
in Holy Water

Blithe Spirit   28.4, November 2018

antique shop
the smell
of opportunity

ephemerae 1.C, December 2018

scraping a dead fly
from the old book
I read on

ephemerae 1.C, December 2018

cozy in bed
hearing my wife
scrape the windscreen

Failed Haiku  Volume 4, Issue 37, p.10

post office queue
the smell
of paper

Failed Haiku  Volume 4, Issue 37, p.10

my mother’s funeral
how much better than me
they all know her

Failed Haiku  Volume 4, Issue 37, p.10

Riyadh hotel lobby
with no faces
women drifting past

Failed Haiku  Volume 4, Issue 37, p.10

with the flow
urinal spider

Failed Haiku #36

power walkers
that attitude

 Failed Haiku #36

morning river
the sun rises
and swans grow heads

Failed Haiku  #36

hotel lobby
making an early start
smokers and runners

Failed Haiku  #36

peeing in the snow
not quite
my full name

Failed Haiku  #36

horse chestnut blossom
onesers and twosers

ephemerae 1.B, August 2018

rosary beads
smooth and polished
decades of my life

Poetry Pea   29 August 2018

funeral plans
even here
economies of scale

Four Hundred and Two Snails, 25th HSA Anthology 2018

church spider
behind the radiator

British Haiku Society Anthology 2018 p.21

free newspaper
fake news
comes cheap

Under the Basho 2018

at the crack
of broken twigs
the smell of sap

Under the Basho 2018

Uber driver
life story

Failed Haiku #35 (2018)

bench with three seats
the middle one
always empty

Failed Haiku #35 (2018)

keynote speaker
with no end
in sight

Failed Haiku #35 (2018)

coffee breath
the girl to my right
speaks to the one on my left

Failed Haiku #35 (2018)

cherry blossom shower
the pigeon
changing trees

The Mainichi 6 June 2018

between raindrops
gathering his thoughts
a bumble bee

The Mainichi 27 July 2018

family gathering
all eyes
on i-Pads

Presence 61, May 2018


May dew
on my mother’s hands

Wales Haiku Journal  Spring 2018


at the junction
only my mood changes
broken lights

Blithe Spirit  28.2, May 2018


airport fly
or departing?

Poetry Pea, 19 June 2018


watch hands
no fingers
pointing to time

Blithe Spirit 27.3, August 2017


rising river steam
cathedral bells chime
out of sych

Blithe Spirit 27.3, November 2017


the ploughman
his thoughts mingle
with the gulls

Blithe Spirit 28.1, February 2018


scrolling down
to my age group . . .
. . . the last

ephemerae 1, A, April 2018


the family fight
over fake money

ephemerae 1, A, April 2018


silent shredder
of all my thoughts

Commended, Vladimir Devidé Haiku Award April 2018