Erin Castaldi

Born 1978
New Jersey, United States

Erin is a writer who became devoted to the pursuit of haiku theory and poetry during her travels around the U.S. She lives in southern New Jersey with her husband and two basset hounds. They operate a small business and are restoring a nineteenth century farm house.


July heat
weaver’s web spans
a dove’s coo

ThreeLinePoetry Journal Summer, Issue #44 2017

grey crane abides
scent of low tide
pressing his feathers

Art of Haiku ITO/EN Summer, semifinalist June 2016

house on deep water
drops fall, craters dot the earth
sand splashes upward

Haiku Journal Issue #40 Fall 2016

crinoline wings
take hostage my lamplight
lazy August night

50Haikus Journal Summer, volume 1, issue #9 2016

cracked pottery
among walkway bricks
congregating moonlight

Incense Dreams Journal, Issue 2.1 Winter 2018

splitting the sky
one deep crimson vein
evaporates the moon

Haiku Society of America Member Anthology, June 2018

daddy long legs
cold stone corner
long summer shadows

ThreeLinePoetry Journal Fall, Issue #45 2017