Su Wai HlaingSu Wai Hlaing

was born and brought up in Burma.
Since she was young, she has been inspired by many Burmese poets and enjoyed reciting the poems and shared them with her family and brother. She was introduced to Haiku by Roger Watson in 2017 and started writing them since then.

Haiku blog:


small talk
my patient forgets about
the needle

Poetry Pea, 25th October, 2018

at the dentist
I grind my teeth tight for
a jab

Poetry Pea, 25th October, 2018


for a day
dear mayflies, may I ask
what is life?

ephemerae 1, A, April 2018

assignment deadline
scratching the keypad
for ideas

ephemerae 1, B, August 2018

old photos I walk again into memories

ephemerae 1, B, August 2018

chimes of cathedral
I read the words of
silent beggars

Poetry Pea 16 August 2018

cry cry cry
but I can not stop the lorry
my poor piggies

Poetry Pea, 11 September 2018

earthquake over
blooming between the mess
a cherry blossom

The Mainichi, 7 June 2018

first of all
the mouse trap catches
my guilty attempt

The Mainichi, 30 July 2018