Mohammad Azim Khan

Born 1951 in Peshawar, Pakistan
Living in Peshawar, Pakistan
Azim Khan is a retired UN official and a graduate from Peshawar University with Master degrees in English Literature and Economics. He took to poetry writing during school days and recently developed special interest in haiku and tanka writing which are published in leading haiku journals.


green stones ...
the moss conquers
the mountain

Asahi Haikuist Network, March 17 2017

broken home
the child slips
out of the crack

Prune Juice Issue 20, November 2016

estranged neighbour ...
the dogs continue
our friendship

Honourable Mention, Sonic Boom, Annual Senryu Contest 2016

dark night
the sea swallowing
the silver sand

The Mainichi, November 14, 2015

elephant safari
I touch the leaf of
an unknown tree

The Mainichi, March 31, 2016

blue moon
the recluse appears
on the balcony

The Mainichi, July 5, 2016

spring time
sparrows renew
their disputes

The Heron's Nest Volume XIX, Number 2: June 2017

moonlit night
the sound of nurturing
from a foxhole

Runner-up IAFOR Vladimir Devidé Haiku Award 2017

moon shadow
the arch
of a dumpster diver

Modern Haiku  48.2 Summer 2017

dry village pond ...
the baked earth
smells of fish

Under the Basho  2016

the story runs deeper
than the colours

Under the Basho  2016

canyon walls
the eagle drags
its shadow

Under the Basho  2016

ominous clouds ...
the wind fans
the raven's tail

Under the Basho  2016

old frog ...
the pond wobbles
under its belly

Under the Basho  2016

ancient castle ...
the smiling portrait

Under the Basho  2016

moonlit night ...
the iron shadows
on the sidewalk

Under the Basho  2016


sudden rain ...
the homeless shifts
his home

Under the Basho  2016 Issue

long drive ...
she exposes
her tattooed butterfly

Modern Haiku 49.2, 2018

slave ship -
a beam of sunlight
on rusty shackles

Frogpond  41.3 Autumn 2018

waning moon ...
he returns with a heavy Samsonite
infant five years old

Acorn  #40, Spring 2018

lonely world
turning the pages
of an old newspaper

Frogpond 41.3 Autumn 2018