Tim Gardiner

Born 1978, United Kingdom.
Currently resides in UK.

Dr Tim Gardiner is an ecologist, poet and children's author from Manningtree in Essex, UK. His haiku have been published in over 100 print and online magazines and he has been widely anthologised. His first collection of haiku, On the Edge, was published by Brambleby Books in 2017.

Webpage: http://www.essexfieldclub.org.uk/portal/p/Insect+poetry


hilltop abbey
a midsummer mass
of fireflies

Acorn 40, Spring 2018

bottle digging
by the derelict jetty
long summer night

Modern Haiku  46.3, Autumn 2015

overhanging ledge the loneliness of wind

Frogpond 37.3, Spring-Summer 2014

distant hill
a swallowtail butterfly
obscures the view

The Heron's Nest Volume XVII, Number 4: December 2015.

for dad
the smaller cairn
on the summit

Frogpond 39.3, Autumn 2016

the distance    between us    trawler gulls

The Heron's Nest  Volume XVIII, Number 1: March 2016

young coppice
my father's stick taps
footpath gravel

The Heron's Nest  Volume XIX, Number 1: March 2017

suicide forest
empty shoes
point west

The Heron's Nest  Volume XVIII, Number 4: December 2016

coming down once more winter rain

Acorn 37, Fall 2016

on the heath
catching grasshoppers
summer slips away

Acorn 34, Spring 2015

wild pear
the bitter taste
of loneliness

Acorn 35, Fall 2015

still bustling
with noisy goldeneye
disused jetty

cattails, April 2017

sunrise over rocks
shadows in the shallow bay
a day is dying

Poetry Nook 2, October 2013

rutting season
from the old coppice
a stag's silence

Presence 55, 2016