Diana Ming Jeong


morning fog ...

the wind battles

the sun


harvest moon ...

summer leaves drifting



funeral pyre -

into the autumn night,

these fireflies


autumn moon -

embers glowing to ashes

to dust


Svetlana Marisova Memorial Kukai 2013


a courtship

on a summer night -

lightning bugs


summer moon -

a cicada falling

into itself


spring gale -

a blackbird's stillness

in the shadow


weeping willow -

all day long, the sun hides

and seeks



into the winter sky -

hot springs


summer sun ...

a raven's shadow



windblown -

a dandelion



Haiku North America Haiku Contest 2013, 2nd Place
Southern California Haiku Study Group Anthology 2013

melting -

the summer sky



summer moon -

out of darkness

a leaf

HNA Anthology  - 2013