Roberta Beach JacobsonRoberta Beach Jacobson

Roberta Beach Jacobson is drawn to the magic of words – poetry, puzzles, song lyrics, stand-up comic humor. As a student of tanshi (short poems), she strives to include humor whenever possible. Besides poetry, she writes greeting cards and flash fiction … anything to avoid a day job.

Born 1952 in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Residing in Indianola, Iowa, USA


moon phase
- teenager

Akitsu Quarterly
Spring 2019

tree branches empty
a lone bird
changes everything

The Heron's Nest Vol. XX: Number 2
June 2018

owning the accent in her name

bones - journal for contemporary haiku XVI
March 15, 2019

every moonlit night
owls swoop out of hiding -
a gliding ballet

Japanophile Vol. 22, Number 4
Fall 1998

stone sundial
in city park
robins at five and six

Chrysanthemum Number 24
October 2018

once the mime
started talking 
he wouldn't shut up

failed haiku Vol. 3, Number 35
October 2018

first robin sighting
of the morning
- make a wish

Gyroscope Review Vol. 19, Number 2
Spring 2019